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Liberal Mike DeWine Runs for Attorney General

June 16, 2009 at 3:51 pm Matt

Mike DeWine Ohio

It is no secret in Ohio political circles that Mike DeWine wants back into Ohio politics. He was swept out of the United States Senate, defeated by current Senator Sherrod Brown, and there have been whispers dating back to 2006 that DeWine wanted to run for Governor.

Gun groups are rightfully outraged over his announcement, considering he has an “F” rating from the National Riffle Association and Gun Owners for America while proudly accepting the endorsement of the anti-gun Brady Campaign. He supported a national database of ballistic fingerprints to treat gun owners like presumed criminals, co-sponsored a so-called “assault weapons” ban, and was only 1 of 2 Republican senators in 2005 to block frivolous lawsuits holding gun manufacturers responsible for the criminal misuse of their products. (The other Senator was liberal Lincoln Chafee from RI, who has since left the Republican Party.) Human Events magazine also listed him as one of the top 10 anti-gun Senators.

DeWine also supported Ted Kennedy’s minimum wage hike, joined Sherrod Brown in opposing US companies from buying cheap foreign steel, and repeatedly opposed legislation to drill for oil in Alaska. And he was part on the infamous “Gang of 14″, where compromises where made with Democrats and kept brilliant conservative judges like Janice Rogers Brown and Miguel Estrada off of the bench.

Also, as a supposed Catholic, DeWine joined forces in 2004 with Ohio’s sodomite lobby to oppose Ohio’s marriage amendment which was passed with an overwhelming 62% of the vote and probably saved President Bush’s re-election campaign.

But is it really so unbelievable that the Ohio GOP establishment would run DeWine as their AG candidate? This, after all the same party run by another DeWine (Kevin), who famously threw conservatives under the bus within days of taking over the diminished state party, in hopes of appeasing the liberal media.

Chad Baus sums up the situation perfectly:

Let’s be clear about one thing. Even with party support, Mike DeWine is destined for the same fate Jeanette Bradley and Betty Montgomery suffered in 2006.

The most likely scenario is that he will lose in the primary, leaving the party and media “experts” to once again wonder how a little-known candidate like Prosecutor Yost beat a former U.S. Senator.

If DeWine somehow defeats [David] Yost in the primary, he will find himself facing a pro-gun Democrat, incumbent Richard Cordray, come November.

Either way, DeWine will go back into the political dust bin with the last two well-known anti-gun Republican candidates.

Even while serving as US Senator, atleast 3 county GOP parties endorsed long-shot conservative candidates to protest DeWine’s squishy liberal tendencies. And even though DeWine will raise plenty of money from Alex Arshinkoff and friends, he would certainly be the underdog in a primary battle against conservative challenger in Dave Yost. So the question remains: Does DeWine really want to embarrass himself in another electoral defeat, only to leave the party’s candidate at a greater disadvantage against the well-financed Rich Cordray?

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  • dbaver
    2006 was a bad year for republicans period. the guy who you worked for matt did a great job on his campaign. What do we call the biggest joke of an gov candidate in history? Captain 36...JKB is a conservative and ran towards to right and lost.
  • His campaign didn't exist in a vacuum. Ken would have won easily if he would have stayed in the 98 primary, and might have been wise to let Petro take the fall and run in 2010. But make no mistake, in Ohio, the Republican establishment opposed Ken Blackwell EVERY STEP OF THE WAY and are solely responsible for his loss.
  • Andy
    If a gun grabber like DeWine gets the GOP nod, an independent strong conservative (esp. on gun rights) like Owen could do much better than the quarter million or so votes he got in 2008. If Yost gets the nod, Owen would have to work very hard to get the same total or even close. It really would not matter, if Owen is in the race - a "semi, sort of pro gun" Cordray, who has not committed any major gaff or other sin that the media would not defend him on, wins without question.

    The only way the GOP wins AG:

    A. DeWine has a major "Come to Jesus" conversion on his liberal (esp. on Guns) positions. He begs for forgiveness and executes a successful Mitt Romney flip flop.

    B. Yost in, Owen out. - (Possible only if Cordray is lazy or arrogant on campaign)
  • Young RINO
    Yes Will...it does work everytime. My point got a little lost I guess. Its not the republican partisanship turning them off, rather the sycophant media telling the independents it should...you get the drift.

    The fact is that winey white guys who try to reach out to people on the plantation of the Democrat party never get those people off the planation. Democrats leaders just crack the whip harder. Then, the winey white guy loses his senate race or loses another election and goes back to Arizona.
  • Will
    "Republicans being partisan turning independents off to republicans is BS. It is a made up fantasy used by the media to scare people like Dewine and McCain."

    Works every damned time it's tried, too.
  • young RINO
    I hope Mr. Dewine sees where "reaching across the aisle," "building coalitions," "reaching out," and Partisanship other related drivel got McCain. McCain got nowhere with his "precious independents."

    Who is to say that independents and moderates will vote dem...why does conservative partisanship push independents to dem's who actually are some of the most nasty, bitter, divisive people in politics.

    Republicans being partisan turning independents off to republicans is BS. It is a made up fantasy used by the media to scare people like Dewine and McCain.
  • FatWhiteMan
    No more RINOs. When is the Ohio Republican Party going to learn. DeWine voted like a Kennedy and Sherrod Brown. What difference does it make if he has an R or a D beside his name. DeWine is a liberal. If he wants to run for office, he should do so as a liberal instead of a RINO. If the ORP wants to win elections, all they have to do is offer us conservatives.

    And Paula, Blackwell lost to Taft, not Strickland. Taft dug such a stink hole that the Republicans could have ran Ronald Reagan and not beat Strickland. Here's another news flash for you: Kasich can't beat Strickland either.

    Kasich is a freedom hating tool and that will not bring the votes against Strickland. If the ORP wants to win the Governor's race, they are going to have to actually rebuild around real Republicans instead of that crowd of hacks they have been pushing in recent years.

    No more RINOs!
  • Paula
    lol....and it is spelled...Suhadolnik....
  • No I'm not pulling the race card, nor do I think you are racist. I was simply imitating your style of arguing by using a series of unrelated items and red herrings to emphasize your love for liberal Republicans. Kiss Suhdonik for me.
  • Paula
    Learn to argue and you are calling someone a racist? In my opinion someone who uses that term has no substance nor facts to carry on a legimate discussion. Let's not hide behind the race card.
  • You need to learn to argue. You completely ignore the issue at hand by presenting a red herring. DeWine is the only candidate I've seen where he is the incumbent and county parties endorse other candidates. Perhaps you anti-Blackwell because you are racist?

    It certainly does matter to me. I think my anti-Montgomery and anti-Petro street cred in Columbus circles is well establishments, thanks.
  • Paula
    And Blackwell was so out of touch with Ohioans. How many county parties endorsed Blackwell? Very few, and I believe Dewine recieved many more endorsements than Ken. So what is your point? By the way, Strickland wasn't an incumbent and blew away Blackwell. The Republican Party almost lost their status of a major party under his run. It is interesting that Dewine is more conservative than our last two Republican Attorny General's - but that doesn't matter to you.
  • To repeat, DeWine was the incumbent while Blackwell was not the Gov at the time. And the atmosphere for Republicans was made toxic by unprincipled Rs like DeWine. There is a reason why so many county parties wouldn't even endorse DeWine in 2006... Because he more closely resembles a Democrat!
  • Paula
    Mike Dewine's margin of loss to a popular Congressman and former Secretary of State was far less than that of Blackwell's to a counrty bumpkin from South East Ohio.
  • 2006 was the same year DeWine lost as an incumbent. It doesn't fit the MSM template, but squishy Republicans lose too.
  • Paula
    If we want to win the office back, Mike Dewine better stay! Enough of the Dewine beating - he is a conservative on many issues and is our best bet to win the office. So ease up or we will be in the same situation as where when we ran Blackwell - lucky to get 20% of the vote.
  • Will
    You have to love that picture.
  • Young RINO
    I think in the current environment that if one needs to blend into his environment to stay alive, what is the problem? I mean Dewine was only building street cred for a moment like this. You gotta do what you gotta do to make bank!
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