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Ted Strickland Numbers Sink, Tied with Kasich, Attacks Lehmans?

June 22, 2009 at 8:27 pm Matt

13This morning, David Potts gave a rather weak defense of the incredible poll by Democratic Public Policy Polling. Even though it has been on news updates on Clear Channel radio stations throughout the day and echoed throughout the blogosphere (here, here, here, and here), I waited to post it to figure out just who PPP is. It turns out, unlike questionable polling operations like Survey USA, PPP was, according to insiders,  more accurate in the swing states during last year’s election cycle than any other firm. The battle between Kasich and Strickland, according to PPP, is within the margin of error.

He also wins over the unwashed pure-as-the-driven-snow “Independents” 53% to 33%, while Strickland’s approval ratings have lowered to 43% and can only continue to sink as Ohio’s economy tanks under his embarrassing leadership. In addition, the details of the poll show that Kasich’s support can only grow, as loyal Republicans simply don’t know who John is yet and will only support him more as his name ID improves.

I’m still perplexed as to why the Kasich campaign hasn’t spread this news far and wide.  If I was Kasich’s fundraiser, I would be strangling whoever decided to ignore the first sign that Kasich, contrary to popular belief, has a serious chance of winning next year.

It is also becoming apparent that Strickland is getting nervous.  His campaign has already shown its cards as to how they will attack John Kasich, which also became apparent to all of the poor reporters who had to sit through this mind-numbing hour-long press conference at 4pm on Friday. Here are the two parts which really jumped out at me:

First of all, what is with this “greed” business? Self-interest is why people invest, so is it greedy when someone makes a profit on stocks and prepares for retirement? I think it is Strickland showing that he either thinks Ohioans are too stupid to understand what took place recently on a macroeconomic level, or we are hearing the ramblings of a country bumpkin Governor who, as of 2006 and after years of drawing a handsome Congressional salary, had absolutely no financial investments to report.

The economic collapse caused by Lehman Brothers? Is that really what happened, or could it be that Lehman just happens to be where John Kasich used to work? And if given the choice, would Strickland have bailed out Lehmans, just like Goldman Sachs, AIG, and GM? Financial firms were investing in various flawed financial instruments, such as credit default swaps which were basically insurance plans on home defaults, and the market is simply going through a period of correction which might have been shorter if other bailed-out entities were allowed to meet the same fate as Lehmans.

By saying this is the worst financial situation in “80 years,” Strickland is referring to the Great Depression, but that is a bit of a stretch. In reality, this depression is on par with the one of the early 1980s, which was part of Fed Chair Paul Volker’s necessary efforts to ratchet out inflation, and the economy rebounded by a method that a big-government statist like Ted Strickland disapproves of: massive tax cuts!

This is a debate that Strickland loses. If we want to look at the root causes of the current depression, we we are going to look at what Strickland supported in Congress, including some of the largest tax-increases in American history, forcing banks to give loans to unqualified people, and his heavy support of the same unions who placed an unsustainable burden upon America’s uncompetitive automobile industry.

Furthermore, Strickland has announced there is at least a $3 billion dollar budget shortfall, and there has been a lot of attention to how Strickland has completely flip-flopped on the gambling issue and wants to use gambling money to fill budgetary holes, even though he once said this:

Quite frankly,” Strickland told the Toledo Blade in April 2006, “if I’d been in the legislature when the Ohio Lottery passed, I would have opposed it. It amounts to a regressive tax. The benefits of casino gambling, in my judgment, are significantly outweighed by the negative consequences.“[...]

Last week, Strickland rediscovered his old-time religion, reiterating, “I don’t think expanded gambling is the right thing for Ohio.

He already flipped-on this issue, by approving Keno, which was supposed to raise $73 million in tax revenue but only yielded $13 million in its first 6 months. And now he will gladly endorse a self-described “regressive tax” and stick it the same working class and minorities the Democrat Party claims to represent.

I have very little patience for the moral argument against gambling, but this is a blatant flip-flop that a Republican Governor would be raked over the coals for.

However, I don’t like to talk about it because it is also a distraction as to the bigger picture. Strickland is also spending more than $7 billion of one-time-only stimulus money, much of which is being spent in an unconstitutional fashion and mandating increases in state expenditures on health care. And regardless as to what unprincipled Ohio Republican leaders like Jon Husted say about the tax reform they supposedly accomplished, Ohio still has the 7th highest tax burden in the nation and ranks 47th for its tax business climate. Just where is the money going to come from for the next budget?

Not only was Strickland an active supporter of the policies which helped create the current economic situation, he is supportive of the President Obama’s plan to mimic the monetary policies of Argentina, Japan in the 1990s, and Zimbabwe while guaranteeing future job-killing tax increases in Ohio. These types of policies are inherently inflationary, and since inflation decreases the purchasing power of the dollar, Strickland’s quickness to spend stimulus money has the same net effect as a tax increase.

What he said in that press conference was pure politics, and shows that Strickland is more than willing to use an official, major press conference to kick off what is sure to be a negative campaign and the fight of his political life.

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