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Ken Blackwell Discusses Mark Sanford on Hardball

June 25, 2009 at 1:08 am Matt

Chris Matthews is really, really annoying:

And just to clarify, Republican politicians are not morally superior to Democrat politicians. However, the Republican platform (especially the latest one Ken helped write in 2008) is most certainly morally superior to the Democrat platform.

And who would you rather have- A Governor who stands for moral principles and falls short of them, or some liberal Democrat who denies the need for such standards, encourages the distribution of condoms to grade school children while they watch videos like “Billy has Three Mommies,” and wants the state-wide buggery to commence?

But frankly, I’m disappointed. Sanford is a low-key old fashion conservative, and was my ideal pick for President. Oops.

Exit question for Gov. Strickland: Does it take longer to fly to Argentina or Italy?

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