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The (Columbus) Other Paper: My Letter to the Editor

July 3, 2009 at 5:41 pm Matt

In lieu of a retraction, the gracious editor of The Other Paper published this letter from me in their Thursday weekly print edition:

I am writing to respond to the article written by Lyndsey Teter on June 25. (“Would someone please put a shirt on me?’”)

While Ms. Teter is a talented reporter and humorist, she incorrectly wrote that the video, which awkwardly introduced U.S. Senatorial Candidate and Lt. Governor Lee Fisher to the world as a piliferous, shirtless man, was posted “illegally” by me to YouTube.

Just like Media Matters, HotAir.com, and various movie review blogs which legally post short clips of copyrighted material, posting the 44-second Fisher video was quite legal and considered “fair use.”

The video was removed from YouTube, only because Google swiftly blocks any video when a Digital Millennium Copyright Act complaint is filed, regardless of its merits, in hopes of not being sued into oblivion. Fisher’s legal team understood this, and filed a complaint to remove the embarrassing video after it was viewed more than 48,000 times.

In this situation, I believe Team Fisher’s repeated, aggressive legal maneuvers come with the implied threat that Lee Fisher may also use the power of his elected office to crush political dissent. And considering how the Strickland/Fisher Administration treated Samuel “Joe the Plumber” Wurzelbacher, this would not be a first time.

Matt Naugle
Columbus, OH

Lee Fisher

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