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Strickland Plays Political Game, Threatens to Shut Down State Government

July 6, 2009 at 2:37 pm Matt

From Ohio Gongwer ($):

Strickland Says Senate GOP Engaged In ‘Blatant Political Gimmick’ With Budget Tactics, Warns On Third Extension.

Gov. Ted Strickland said Monday he will sign a second temporary budget extension, but has “serious concerns” about signing a third potential continuing budget.[...]

Mr. Strickland called on lawmakers to work around the clock in the coming days to resolve the stalemate, saying a resolution is crucial to businesses, employees and others.

He also said he would not sign a budget plan that bases some aspect of future education funding on a gambling-related ballot initiative that could be proposed. “I will only sign a comprehensive two year balanced budget,” he said.

Translation: If the Ohio Senate Republicans do not violate the will of the people on the gambling issue, then Ted Strickland will shut down the government.

Bring it on, Gov. Strickland. Republicans have you exactly where they want you: In a box, where you are unable to do what is in your nature (raise taxes) and without the political capital you once enjoyed.

What they do next is the true test of how serious Ohio Republicans are in their efforts to win in 2010. They must continue to hold Gov. Strickland’s feet to the fire!

Update at 5:25 pm: Kevin Holtsberry has some tough words for Gov. Strickland here.

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