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Clawback Provision

July 7, 2009 at 8:18 am Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

From Aaron Marshall:

Strickland has said there isn’t time to put the slots issue before voters. But Republicans seized on language in a draft of the proposal that allows track owners to recoup license fees if voters approve a proposed November ballot issue allowing casinos in four Ohio cities.

Republicans say that so-called “clawback provision” makes any racetrack slots revenues contingent on the election anyway. They say that makes it a no-brainer to go to voters with a slots plan.

But Strickland said Monday that he doesn’t support the clawback. His spokeswoman said the draft language being circulated was House language, not necessarily what the governor favored.

“The governor has always made it clear that the legislature needed to work out the details,” said spokeswoman Amanda Wurst.

It wasn’t too long ago when Gov. Strickland was pounding his chest and saying “I own this issue.” But now he wants to hand it off to the legislature to decide details? Just like Keno, Strickland could just go ahead and do this own his own by executive order.

By the way, how much would the clawback be if the ballot issue passes? $45o million! And for you teachers out there, remember that gambling in Ohio always under-performs in terms of revenue, and yet Gov. Strickland’s education funding is based off of his gambling proposal.

Republicans need to call Strickland’s bluff on shutting down the government. The people of Ohio have said they want to vote on gambling, and there is absolutely no reason for the GOP to ignore the will of the people.

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