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The Columbus Dispatch Slams Chris Redfern

July 15, 2009 at 9:16 am Matt

Here is the key portion:

Mountaineer Gaming, owner of Scioto Downs racetrack, was one of many parties eager to see slot machines legalized in Ohio. Its team of lobbyists included the wife of state Democratic Party chairman and former legislator Chris Redfern.

As party chair, Redfern controls party purse strings and campaign support and enjoys immense influence over Democratic officeholders. His wife’s job means he will benefit personally from Mountaineer’s success with the slots proposal. Democratic lawmakers know it would be unwise to say no to the chairman’s wife. Her involvement in the deal might not be illegal, but it’s not an ethical way to make policy.

If Chris Redfern’s involvement in this situation isn’t illegal, than Ohio’s revolving door law no longer applies to Democrats.

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