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National Association of Gals (NAG) Endorses Jennifer Brunner

July 21, 2009 at 12:06 pm Matt

The press release is here.

But Lee Fisher’s campaign should be quick to remind voters that Gloria Steinem named Lee Fisher an “honorary woman” in The Cleveland Plain Dealer.

From LexisNexis (Steve Luttner, The Plain Dealer, September 20, 1994):

Gloria Steinem, who has devoted her life to advancing the cause of equal rights for women, commonly supports female candidates over male rivals in election campaigns. But not in the Ohio attorney general race.

Steinem was in Cleveland yesterday as the keynote speaker at a $65-per-person fund-raiser for Ohio Attorney General Lee Fisher, a Democrat, who is running for re-election against State Sen. Betty Montgomery, R-2 of Perrysburg.

About 400 people, almost all of them women, listened as Steinem praised Fisher’s record on rights for women. The well-known feminist at one point referred to Fisher as an “honorary woman.”

In an interview before her speech, Steinem said she was backing Fisher over Montgomery because he is more likely to do more for women.

“This is a case in which a woman is being used rather cynically to knock off a candidate who supports women’s equality,” Steinem said. “The goal of any movement is to advance the whole group, not just a get a job for one or two people.”

But while Steinem criticized Montgomery for not being pro-choice, Fisher later acknowledged that his opponent does indeed favor reproductive freedom for women.

“I’m pro-choice,” Montgomery said yesterday in an interview.

Perhaps Lee Fisher isn’t quite hairy enough to fit in with the NOW crowd?

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