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Real Health Care Reform

July 28, 2009 at 1:51 pm Matt

John Stossel of 20/20 fame and a friend of mine perfectly sums up everything that should be the alternative Republican health care reform proposal:

[G]overnment prevents us from buying insurance from out of state. In addition, tax law directs the market to focus on employers rather than individuals, pandering state legislatures force prices up by mandating what every policy in their state must cover, and there are restrictions on Health Savings Accounts. Removing barriers to interstate competition is a good start, but they should level the tax playing field too.

And how should we deal with preexisting conditions while sticking to free-market principles? By expanding “health status insurance.”

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  • Jacob Feldman
    Allowing the purchase of insurance across state lines is fundamental reform to more affordable, higher quality health care. I never hear Democrats defend laws prohibiting the sale of insurance across state lines. They just want to stop Republican reforms. Some health care reforms are so simple: Allow more freedom.
  • anon
    Does anyone know if there are rallies to oppose the healthcare proposals in the Columbus area during the legislative recess?
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