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Competition and the Redfern Racket

July 29, 2009 at 7:30 pm Matt

Kyle Sisk apparently doesn’t believe in Ohio Democrat Party Chairman’s apparent disinterest in the lobbying which makes his family wealthier, and he notes:

For whatever reason, my point is that prior to Chris & Kim being lobbyists they probably had the vocal, financial, general support of 80% of the lobbying community.

Ask around today and I think you will find that at least 80% of the lobbying community would be fine with the Redferns vanishing from the face of the earth.  Get a few drinks in some of said lobbyists and you’ll feel like you are hanging out in Hell’s Kitchen or on The Deadliest Catch.

Simply put:  Competition is a funny thing.

The second Kim put a shingle up as a lobbyist that basically meant that anytime she GAINED a client then someone else was LOSING a client.  Everyone was cool with Chris when he wasn’t competition, but the dynamics have changed.

They are taking food out of other people’s mouths (picture a lobbyist with his/her spouse & kids eat Ramen noodles because Chris & Kim Redfern stole their largest client).

The Redferns would be shocked to learn how many Democrats have their knives out, because with the MTR  issue, the Redfern’s are treading on other people’s territory. And unlike private business, politics and lobbying is a zero-sum game where you only win at someone else’s expense.

Therefore, I will predict today that Mr. and Mrs. greed will lead to their early political demise.

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