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Tea Party movement growing, moving fast in Ohio

July 29, 2009 at 9:49 pm Rob Scott Leave a comment Go to comments

Dayton Tea Party LogThe Tea Party movement is alive and well. The strongest Tea Parties left over from the April 15 Rallies are in Ohio. The Cincinnati Tea Party, Columbus Tea Party, Dayton Tea Party, Cleveland Tea Party, and more throughout Ohio are actively engaging in combating Cap & Trade, Government-run Health Care, and more.

Currently, the Dayton Tea Party is organizing in communities throughout the Miami Valley called ‘Liberty Groups.’ The Liberty Groups, which are chapters of the Dayton Tea Party, consist of between 40 to 160 members each. So far there are 28 official groups with more sprouting up weekly.

Additionally, the Dayton Tea Party is going to begin providing legislative updates on pending legislation at the national and state level. We are currently recruiting health care professionals to inform the public and patients about why government-run health care is a bad policy. And will be walking neighborhoods providing information on government-run health care.

The Dayton Tea Party began on Facebook and then the Web site was launched two days later. The Dayton Tea Party was the fifth largest in the U.S. and the largest in Ohio on April 15 with 8,000. The Dayton Tea Party held a second rally on July 3 in Brookville that drew 5,000 and so far is considered one of the largest in the U.S. during that holiday weekend.

There are several rallies in the works throughout Ohio. This Saturday the Ohio Tea Parties are sponsoring the first statewide Tea Party in the U.S. in Columbus at the Ohio Statehouse beginning at 2 p.m. View more information at www.ohiolibertycouncil.com. There will be others…so stay tuned.

-Rob Scott, founder of the Dayton Tea Party

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  • Thank you Rob! Saturday's event should be a hoot.
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