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Is The Columbus Dispatch a Real Newspaper?

July 30, 2009 at 10:45 am Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

Yesterday, I drove traffic to an excellent blog post by Lynn Walsh of the Buckeye Institute, who reported on the “football Saturday” antics of Mayor Mike Coleman’s City Finance Chief Paul R. Rakosky, who was arrested, pissed his pants, and treated the Columbus police poorly… Then was bailed out by his girlfriend who just happens to be also be prominent city official.

Rakosky will be the guy in charge of writing the checks from the additional money the city is trying to extract out of voters with this proposed city income tax increase:

Police Report

Word is getting around now that yesterday, The Dispatch held a staff meeting where this issue was hotly debated. After all, a REAL newspaper would have done a quick background check on someone appointed to such an important city position, right? And after Lynn Walsh reported on this story, this was front page news today, correct?

Oh wait- The Columbus Dispatch isn’t a real newspaper. It is actually just an elaborate, unprofitable PR Firm for the Wolfe family and the Issue 1 campaign. I apologize for the confusion, Mr. Marrison.

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