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August 2, 2009 at 11:43 pm Matt

The Ohio Democrat Party and appointed Ohio Treasurer Kevin Boyce are getting nervous. Not only has there been two awful stories about Boyce (here and here), but as unemployment in Ohio skyrockets well over 11%, the political winds against Democrats are starting to change.

They are especially worried about rising conservative star Josh Mandel, who posted “eye-popping” fundraising numbers against an incumbent who, if competent, would have raised far more from bankers and other interested parties:

Republican state Treasurer candidate Josh Mandel will report having about $1.3 million in cash on hand when his campaign finance reports for 2009 are released this afternoon.

The former Marine who served two combat tours in Iraq had roughly $460,000 in the bank coming into this year, and spent about $145,000 during the first six months of the year.

“We raised just under a million,” said Mandel, a state representative from Lyndhurst. “What I’m most proud of is that we have donations from almost half of the counties in Ohio, which shows our broad base of support.”

The eye-popping total for a downticket race will be raising the eyebrows of political insiders as Mandel has opened up a sizable fundraising edge over current state Treasurer Kevin Boyce. The Columbus Democrat has already reported having just a shade under $500,000 in his finance report already filed with state elections officials. The reports cover the first six months of 2009.

The Democrats are so scared of Mandel that they are sending their staffers out to follow Josh around at every campaign event, hoping to catch him in some “macaca” moment. I followed the guy today who they threw out of the Grandview Republican GOP Club Picnic while Rep. Mandel was speaking.

Do you know his name? As he said, he probably is an ODP staffer. But unlike the illegal coordination between Mr. and Mrs. Chris Redfern’s lobbying efforts, it wouldn’t hardly be illegal for the Boyce Bandit to be in communications with Team Boyce:

Rep. Mandel should know that it is a good sign when they send their staffers out over weekends they would otherwise have off to video tape him.

But my question I ask of you, my loyal readers, is: Am I allowed to criticize Treasurer Boyce? I have so much more to say about him, but I’ve already received emails calling me a raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaccciiiiiist. In addition, instead of being open to an interview with me (which would be very much in the fashion in which I interviewed AG Rich Cordray), Boyce’s spokesbabe Jen House won’t return my email and blocked me on Twitter.

Therefore, I am officially accepting resumes for one co-blogger to write for RightOhio.com. He or she must conservative and officially black enough to criticize Treasurer Boyce, a black liberal. Please send applications to . Thank you.

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  • YoungRINO
    Mandel a rising star? The only thing he has proven he can do is raise $$$$$$. He has the help of dan Gilbert et al. When I asked what he accomplished as a state legislator Matt could only point to work done when he was on city council. Is this the Josh mandel fan club??
  • Earl
    Get what? Maybe she's just not that into you.
  • Sorry, I avoid all Ben Affleck movies.
  • Multiplicity
    FIrst and foremost Jen House is not the spokesperson, nor has she ever served in this capacity for the Treasurer's office. So before you go making accusations, check the roster first.
  • She works in media relations, and is the only one in the office who is really visible on social networks. I thought she would "get it," even if she is apparently a true leftist product of the public education system.
  • Multiplicity
    From what I hear she is no longer at the Treasurer's office. She is doing campaign work for other candidates, which is probably why you haven't heard from her
  • That would explain a lot.
  • Earl
    Why do you keep talking about this spokeslady? I think you need to get out more, buddy.
  • I've never mentioned her before. I simply want an interview.
  • Justin
    What time did he show up? We had to leave at 3.30pm for another event and Mandel had just gotten there when we left. Did someone else pick him up or did he have a car there? I'll definitely be keeping my eyes out for him.
  • Nick
    I went up to him when he first arrived at the picnic yesterday and introduced myself to him knowing what he was there to do as he was carrying a camera bag and standing by himself talking on his blackberry. He told me his name is Troy and was there to check out Josh Mandel.
  • kholtsberry
    This is the same guy that was following Portman around on his RV tour. When asked he said the same thing: ODP.
  • No one knows his name?
  • kholtsberry
    I think maybe Troy. I have a video clip of Bob Paduchik talking to him but the audio quality is bad.
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