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Columbus Issue 1 Passed- 51.7% to 48.3%

August 4, 2009 at 10:34 pm Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

OK- Now Columbus has a higher income tax, my fellow Columbus residents will finally experience a utopia on Earth. Finally, Route 315 will actually be accessible, murders will cease, and birds will chirp out lovely music. Thank goodness.

What did this experience teach me? Nothing much, except for the fact that people who aren’t affected by a tax probably shouldn’t be allowed to vote for it & Columbus AM radio stinks.

I was driving as the polls were closing, and the 610AM WTVN host was taking calls about types of chewing gum and candy bars that callers wished were still available in stores! Oh my goodness, it was so terrible that it would annoy me to provide more details than mind-numbing conversation. A good ClearChannel station would have been telling folks to hurry up and vote on the way home from work, but such a channel does not exist in Columbus.

Then, the host which took over the Sean Hannity timeslot to do the play-by-play of the election results gave a glowing 20 minute interview with far-left Columbus City Councilman Mike Mentel and was quite accepting of the Coleman campaign/Columbus Dispatch propaganda.

610 AM may have the worst ClearChannel hosts in the state.

If it wasn’t for Michael Savage on 103.9 FM in the evening, I might be tempted to rip the radio out of my car.

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