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August 4, 2009 at 12:54 am Matt

is an even worse fundraiser than I thought. I recieved this interesting email- And the numbers check out (I added links to the financial reports from SoS Brunner’s difficult-to-navigate website, which are stored inside of self-extracting .exe files and might make your browser’s security system nervous.):

Matt – I have not seen anyone report of Boyce’s campaign cash filing of $225,000 was from their State Democratic Fund. That is almost half of what he raised. That is a lot.

There are two single entries: One of $200,000 and the other of $25,000. The $25,000 can be directly attributed to Raymond James Investments. Brian Doyle (of Dublin) and his wife both contributed $12,500. Isn’t it interesting that $25,000 was donated to the ODP by them and then Boyce received a $25,000 contribution from their fund?

Doyle is a big player in the office and I wonder how many trades he is receiving from Boyce. The other $200,000 can be contributed to others that utilize the office but not to a significant magnitude. Did you notice that Strickland gave $200,000 to their candidate fund? I would bet that at least $100,000 [was transfered to Ohio Treausrer Kevin] Boyce’s [campaign] to circumvent campaign finance laws.

This is the type of stuff which got Joe Deters in trouble. But it also is proof as to how silly campaign finance laws are, as it is, essentially, only illegal if what probably happened here was written down.

Between this and the Boyce Bandit, it is clear that Ohio Democrats are scared to death of Josh Mandel.

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