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A Place for Chris & Kim Redfern to Dump Gambling $$$?

August 5, 2009 at 5:46 pm Matt

There was a new PAC registered this week, called the North Coast Leadership PAC. It uses the exact same address that Chris Redfern used as a State Representative, 2841 North Bluff Ridge Dr. in Port Clinton, and the address lists Kimberly Redfern as a resident. The Treasurer is Thomas Ferrell.

It will be fascinating to watch who donates to this PAC, and what the money is used for, as this PAC is quite suspicious.

And while the amounts of money Ohio Democrat Party Chairman Chris Redfern and  Kim has made off of MTR will never truly be known, you can be assured they made far more than the $14,000 salary of the average MTR racino employee.

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