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August 6, 2009 at 6:18 pm Matt

In a depressing Other Paper cover-story by Lyndsey Teter (the Teet!) about the passage of Columbus’ income tax hike, Terry Casey said this, which is Right Ohio’s quote of the day:

“When you have a million-plus from the business community—plus a newspaper PR firm that helped the propaganda ministry, everyone’s going to be coming back with, ‘you owe me,’” he said.

And Mrs. Teeter takes a healthy shot at the Mayor:

Coleman was at his magnanimous best, however, on the podium at Issue 1’s election night victory party, breathing such a hefty sigh at the end of a long list of “thank-yous” that it prompted laughter from supporters gathered at the Harrison West Community Center.

“I’ve always said that victory has a thousand fathers,” he said afterward, refusing—for the most part, anyway—to detail how he, personally, contributed to fathering Issue 1’s success.

“Let’s let other people talk about that,” he said. “I like the idea of not making it more—it’s not just all about me.”

Those who remember the man who had, only a year earlier, boldly “declared battle” at a sweaty press conference in front of City Center might ask, “Since when?”

I cringed while reading that. After all, victory may have a thousand fathers, but Coleman may be the father of a thousand children.

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