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Sherrod Brown & Death Panels

August 14, 2009 at 9:41 am Matt

While radical leftist Senator Sherrod Brown is busy insulting socialized health care skeptics as brain-dead robots programmed by insurance companies, he noted that there really aren’t death panels in the proposed ObamaCare. And yesterday, it was reported that Democrats are now dropping these “nonexistent” death panels from the legislation.

But the problem is, nine states already have versions of ObamaCare- And for example, Oregon, a state with legalized euthanasia (“Good morning. The Doctor will KILL you now.”) already has death panels.

Sherrod Brown has long put populism over economic fact, so it is up to us to stop him. And regardless if explicit “consultation” boards exist to discuss with seniors their health care “options,”  the demand for a service offered for free (at the margins) will always mean demand will be greater than supply, which leads to shortages and rationing. This quite literally means government, in order to cut costs, chooses who lives and dies.

And even though Sherrod Brown is no fan of tort reform, you can bet the government will not subject itself to malpractice lawsuits once it starts playing God.

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