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Jennifer Garrison & Ted Strickland are Racist?

August 20, 2009 at 3:24 pm Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

Using unsourced nonsense, liberal bloggers are claiming that Jennifer Garrison once said… YEARS ago… that Subodh Chandra’s name sounds too much like someone who might work for Dell tech support… or something like that. (You know, the same people Sen. Brown might say are “takin’ urrr jobs.”)

If true, is Garrison’s alleged comment any more racist than when Gov. Ted Strickland said President Obama is better suited for American Idol than the Presidency? Or what about when Strickland was lobbying to be Hillary Clinton’s running mate, and said that Democrats shouldn’t select “a face” that Democrat union voters wouldn’t want at their dinner table?

Update… Ohio Daily Blog chases down Strickland on video! Good grief

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  • Modern Esquire
    The video of Strickland is Tim Russo's, ODP just embedded it on their page, too, while saying Russo's characterization of Strickland's comments are wrong.
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