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Pink-Cheeks Ben Marrison Treats Newspapers Like Brussels Sprouts

August 23, 2009 at 12:41 pm Matt

And you will pay and eat those sprouts DAMN IT, because Papa Ben knows what is best for you and the community at large.

In the long run, would any business model succeed with this sort of approach to consumers?


Update: Chris Geidner, a former top legal adviser to AG Marc Dann, also takes Marrison to task.

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  • CaptainCrunch
    Funny how reich wingers in this country fail to recognize the military is the biggest socialist organization in this country. They tell us when to eat, when to shower, what our job is, where our job is, provide housing, healthcare and education...to protect unfettered, unregulated out-of-control capitalism.
  • Thanks for the random comment, Mr. Crunch! For the record, I'd like to privatize the military.
  • CaptainCrunch
    Matt, I guess your unaware of the anti-Pinkerton act. Perhaps you'd like to burn the Constitution and Bill of Rights about the same time...or you should enlist yourself and defend the above mentioned items.
  • OK I was trying to be polite. But your random comments stop now.
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