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You Know It is Sunday, Because Joe Hallett Has Yet ANOTHER Column Calling for Higher Taxes

August 23, 2009 at 12:04 pm Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

OK This is just embarrassing- He is like a broken record, and probably wouldn’t shut up until the combined local/state/federal tax rate is in the 100% range, so Obama/Strickland/Coleman/Wolfe can control your children and build a new socialist utopia:

Education is crucial to Ohio’s success in the new economy, and Strickland deserves credit for a reform plan that calls for, among other things, all-day kindergarten, 20 more school days to catch up with the 200-day school year in most advanced countries, better teacher training and keeping a lid on college tuition.

Unfortunately, there is no money to implement the changes. Until 2007, there had been only two years in the past 50 when the state’s general-fund revenue actually declined from the previous year. Now, Ohio is in what is expected to be its fourth consecutive year of declining year-to-year state operating revenue, with another one projected. State income-tax receipts last year plummeted by 16.3 percent, by far the steepest decline since the tax was enacted in 1971.

The recession is largely to blame. But part of the reason also is the five-year, 21 percent state income-tax cut passed by a GOP legislature, signed into law by Taft and retained by Strickland. As a result, Ohio has about $2 billion less in revenue a year. Strickland and GOP leaders insist the tax cut will draw more businesses, resulting in more jobs. But since 2007, Ohio has lost 303,900 jobs.

Did you hear that? Who knew Gov. Taft & Speaker Larry Householder were anti-government tax-cutting crazies! After their reforms, Ohio is still the 7th worst state in terms of local/state tax burden and only 3 states have a worse business climate, sooooooooooooo we create jobs by… dumping more burden on the shoulders of small business owners?

Education reform- especially the type proposed by Gov. Strickland- is not “crucial to Ohio’s success in the new economy.” (And by “NEW,” Hallett is referring to unprofitable “alternative energy” technology which statists like him want to see propped up not by venture capitalists, but by taxpayers.)  As Professor Richard Vedder said on Reason TV, there is an over-emphasis on college education. And with the rigorous curriculum of the public education system, will 20 more days of learning how to put condoms on cucumbers and re-watching “Heather has Two Mommies” really help that much? Those days are taken out of the summer, when boys should be outside playing sports and hurting themselves, instead of being held prisoner in a school and turned into the type of limp-wristed, effeminate liberals you might find on Buckeye Statist Blog or LootandPlunder.

What I especially like about Joe is that he will write this sort of nonsense on Sunday, then no one is supposed to ask questions on Monday when he puts on his other hat as a supposedly objective reporter.

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