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AG Candidate Mike DeWine, Intelligence Expert?

August 25, 2009 at 8:00 pm Matt

From today’s Columbus Dispatch:

Former Republican Sen. Mike DeWine, who served on the Senate Intelligence Committee, said the captured terrorists “are ugly, nasty human beings who were bent on destroying us.

“So when people judge the techniques that were used, I think they have to put it in a proper perspective,” said DeWine, now a Republican candidate for Ohio attorney general. “As the inspector general report points out, information they received from these individuals saved lives. This was very valuable information that was received.”

DeWine said in the aftermath of 9-11, many analysts predicted additional attacks, including potential chemical assaults. But DeWine said that “just didn’t happen. We obtained information in many ways. Information is what intelligence is about and information prevents tragedies and lack of information causes tragedies.”

We are only talking about this issue because the Dems want a distraction to the health care / cap and trade / stimulus debate. I absolutely agree with Mike. And the disconnect between reasonable Americas who are certainly OK with hurting terrorists and the outrage shown by the liberal MSM over tactics that clearly worked is fascinating.

But couldn’t The Columbus Dispatch find someone else to talk to? Perhaps a scholar at the American Enterprise Institute or Heritage Foundation? Why talk to a guy who, while serving as a US Senator, was too busy to attend intelligence hearings?

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