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Cash for Clunkers- KILLING a Corvette

August 25, 2009 at 2:56 pm Matt

Caution to car lovers: This is really disturbing video of an attractive Corvette being destroyed for the Cash for Clunkers program with sodium silicate. This nonsense is fully endorsed by the Ohio Democratic Party, Rob Portman, and Senator Voinovich.

This is absolutely sick. Professor Brad Smith has more video here.

As a side note, I learned yesterday that the original name for Cash for Clunkers was “Hoopties for Hybrids.” Was Betty Sutton down with dat?

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  • Eric
    It is unfortunate that the owner of this sweet Corvette was forced by the Gestapo Socialist Statist Gubmint to destroy his beloved vehicle!

    It's an outrage!!!!
  • He wasn't forced. But it is just wasteful and wouldn't have happened if government didn't interfere with the market. Rarely does a video so clearly show the mental disease known as "liberalism."
  • patrick
    Its very very very funny that your little rant on Cash for Clunkers is right next to a paid advertisement from Alliance for Climate Protection thanking Sherrod Brown for casting the 60th vote for Cap and Trade
  • It is. I agree. Always wanted some of that sweet George Soros money.
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