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Activist Jennifer Brunner

August 27, 2009 at 4:58 pm Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

Did you know Jennifer Brunner was an expert on foreign policy matters? I didn’t.

The race for the seat currently held by Sen. George Voinovich isn’t until 2010, starting with a primary race against Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher. But the overwhelming issue on residents’ minds was a current one: health care.

“I would be standing very strongly in favor of a strong public option,” she said when asked about proposed reform. “When you apply the free market to health care, it really doesn’t work.”

She defined herself as a progressive, supporting same-sex marriage, environmental controls, caps on credit card interest rates and ending the war in Afghanistan.

She wants to be part of an “activist Senate,” she said, along with Sen. Sherrod Brown.

What this sort of leftist radicalism, perhaps we should question wisdom of passing the 19th Amendment so quickly after the passage of the 16th.

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  • Germaine
    Hold on now Matt-- It is not the chromosomes that are determining the behaviors here.. You likely share the XY with Obama - for example.
  • Please refer to Professor John Lott's book "Freedomnomics"- Chapter 5.
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