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Mike DeWine Gushes Over Ted Kennedy

August 27, 2009 at 2:30 pm Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

He wrote a long column in the Dayton Daily News about how wonderful Sen. Kennedy was. This passage jumped out at me:

He taught me persistence — not to go away, to keep coming back. You may only get one-third of the loaf in the first go-around, but that’s OK. You have to be in it for the long haul and come back the next year for another third.

Translation: Sen. Kennedy taught me that when you can’t remain in the US Senate after spending YEARS there damaging the Republican brand, come back for 1/3rd the loaf (run for Attorney General) before getting the full loaf (becoming Governor).

It is obvious that the DeWine pest won’t go away, but who knew we had Ted Kennedy to blame for his persistence?

Considering their close friendship, I wonder if DeWine ever joined Kennedy for dinner and a waitress sandwich.

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  • Daniel Mullins
    hey, whoever this goon is who published that little translation crap can go blow it out their ear! just because mike dewine actually took the time to reach across the aisle and was willing to compromise in order to get things done instead of being to stubborn and set in his ways to work together to get anything accomplished, does not mean that he was "damaging the Republican brand." in addition, attacking what he is choosing to do now (running for state attorney general), which is something most former Senators would never do, is uncalled for. you should at least be able to respect the man for his willingness to at least try and get something done and his continued efforts to help the people of the state of Ohio. oh yeah, it is also pretty low-class to mock his respecting of Ted Kennedy by using the term "gushes" and the whol "waitress sandwich" bit. He is trying to pay his respects to the Kennedy family who just suffered a loss; that is no reason to make fun of the man or his politics. i am sorry, but ignorant people piss me off.
  • Feel free to not like my lame joke. But if you don't believe DeWine is already running for something higher than Attorney General, then you aren't paying attention.

    Ted Kennedy was a murderer and a terrible, unrepentant man. Good riddance.
  • Daniel Mullins
    i am not saying i liked Ted Kennedy at all, cuz i definitely was not a fan. i just don't think it's appropriate to make fun of a man who is trying to pay his respects.
  • fair enough
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