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Brooks Brothers Brigade Alert! Tuesday 7pm

August 31, 2009 at 8:56 pm Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

Progress Ohio is doing another one of their astroturf jobs for ObamaCare. This time, it is in memory of the womanizing murderer Ted Kennedy- This Tuesday, at the Lausche building at the Ohio Expo Center – Ohio State Fairgrounds, 717 E. 17th Ave., Columbus, OH 43211. More details are posted here. The guest list includes:

Senator Sherrod Brown, Representative Mary Jo Kilroy, Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, Ohio AFL-CIO President Joe Rugola, SEIU nurse Barb Montgomery, US Action President William McNary, Ohio Lieutenant Governor Lee Fisher, and Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman

Nice to see Mary Jo Kilroy at a real event, instead of her silly, staged tele-townhall. And I have multiple accounts of how drunk Columbus Mayor Mike Coleman was during his speech at the opening of Lance Armstrong’s Pelotonia fund raising bike race to Athens over the weekend, so perhaps that was Mike’s early tribute to Teddy.

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