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Just got Back From the Ted Kennedy Health Care Rally in Columbus

September 1, 2009 at 10:10 pm Matt

Update: Daily Kossers are checking out this site. In the words of Markos Moulitsas Zúñiga, “screw them.” (Except this guy. That’s actually quite funny.)

Am processing video… nothing too exciting. Ran into Eric from Plunderbund, who I was going to talk to until he shoved a camera in my face. oh well. He is just at typical pot-smoking marxist thug. He is also in a very unhappy marriage, so I suppose venting by harassing harassing me is cheaper than going to a psychologist. But I’ll save this sort of uninteresting blogger vs. blogger stuff for Buckeye State Blog.

I missed Connie Schultz by a few minutes minutes! I asked Rep. Ted Celeste where she was, and apparently I was standing EXACTLY where she was standing before she left with Senator Sherrod Brown. so close! The spot still smelled from her lack of deodorant… which might have actually been the stench of self-righteous, maternalistic liberalism.

And I met the lovely SoS Jennifer Brunner with her husband who could easily pass as a conservative with his fashionable bow tie.  I tried to schedule an interview with her. She apparently has read this blog and therefore knows of my interview with Ohio AG Rich Cordray. Jennifer has reached out to the almost non-existent liberal Ohio blogosphere, so why not talk to a nice guy like me? If she does, I promise to reconsider my reservations about women’s suffrage.

I had some great lines and jokes for the Huffington Post reporter who spotted me, so I’m curious to see what she writes, if anything.

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  • jack23679
    Shoulda punched that blame-America-firster communist Obamabot hippy! B. Hussein Obama is not President of the United States because he NEVER showed proof he's eligible. Keep spreading the word. Lib dems can't stand up to the TRUTH!
  • brendanm
    Or, assuming you came here from Wonkette, just lazy, as I don't see any veiled threats or blatant racism or an excess of misspelled/inexplicably capitalized words, so your wingnut-speak is not credible.
  • jack23679
    Go crawl back under your rock obamabot!
  • brendanm
    Let's make a deal: I'll "crawl back under [my] rock" if you take off your hood. Deal?
  • brendanm
    You are an exceedingly lazy and sad person.
  • blackjackal
    I clicked back to your blog and saw you thought my comment on Kos was funny. I saw this vid and my first thought was that photo, please tell me that is a shot of you back in the day. :)

    You obviously have a sense of humor which I can appreciate even though I'm sure we disagree on 95% of political issues.
  • obamaiztheantichrist
    Matt you used to really bug me, but after watching the video where you ran away from the camera I realized I was getting upset at a handicapped person. That's not fair of me. People with downs syndrome (even mild cases) shouldn't be held responsible even when they are compulsive liars and Glenn Beck fetishists. God bless you and may he keep you safe and healthy. Hopefully Obama will get you proper care once the public option kicks in. Peace.
  • I'm just fine, thanks. I handled the situation perfectly. A weaker man would have punched Eric.
  • obamaiztheantichrist
    Very Christlike of you. Only thing is that Jesus wouldn't have the lust for violence in his heart. As much as I disagree with you, I'd never want to cause you physical harm. If my faith in Christ has taught me on thing, it's to love one another. Have you considered attending Christian worship services? It really helps with pent up rage, anger, and hate. Reading the bible will bring peace to your life, Matt. Trust in Jesus, as he will heal your heart. Peace and God bless you.
  • You are the one saying I have mental issues so don't give me this nonsense, heretic. Dominus tecum.
  • obamaiztheantichrist
    Oh, and Matt, did you know just today it was discovered that Glenn Beck brutally raped and murdered a young girl in 1990? (use the google) Looks like this fraud has finally been exposed. Evil, dishonest people eventually get whats coming to them. The man you worship (Beck) is a vile pedophile killer. I'll leave it up to God to meet out punishment, but for the time being he needs to be locked up before he hurts another child.
  • brendanm
    It's spelled M-E-T-E.
  • Hard to believe. I'll leave that to your black helicopter society to figure out. Beck isn't terrible but I rarely hear his radio show and I haven't watched any cable news in many months.
  • brendanm
    It's as true as Glenn "Is anyone else sick of these 9/11 widows?" Beck's contention that all of NObama's policies are part of a plot to give reparations to those black people you people hate so much.
  • obamaiztheantichrist
    I forgive you for the name calling. Was I wrong about the downs syndrome? Have you seen the clip? If you don't have downs, then please forgive me. Anyone watching that tape could easily make the same mistake you are claiming I made. Watch the tape, and you'll see it was an honest mistake.
  • Those with downs have a very specific look, which I do not have. Always was a top notch student and love to study theology. Again, I handled the situation perfectly. I kept from saying anything, and I kept myself from breaking the law by harming Eric. I didn't come to cause problems- I even kept my Mary Jo Kopechne sign at home.
  • Eric
    I'm sure there was something else more compelling than self restraint keeping you from harming me. I meant no harm myself, just interested to know why you were at an event expressly for the purpose of supporting healthcare reform. It was a simple question. ;-)
  • Nope. The last time we met you were in my face screaming. I would have gladly talked to you. Instead you ambushed. Then you would be the one needing serious health care.
  • Eric
    I believe I was asking you (adamantly, yes), to call me a liberal pansy to my face. Not only wouldn't you, but you decided to tuck tail and leave. Don't get all puffed up now, buddy. You've had a boxing match that you declined and two face to face meetings. Don't get all tough now, big guy. I would have talked to you tonight had you answered my question about why you were there. You declined. No big. See you next time. You can show self restraint then too big guy. Goodnight.
  • I won't.
  • obamaiztheantichrist
    Yes, but you wanted to. Let Jesus into your life, Matt. He'll heal your tortured venom filled soul. He loves you, and wants you to change your heart. Get a bible, read it, and take action in your life. You could start by repenting and taking down this hate site of yours. After you write another venomous screed, do this before hitting the post button. Get on your knees and ask God if your words are in line with Christ. Ask him if your words contain the truth. Matt, you and I know (as well as God) that you haven't been honest in your dealings. You've written far too many dishonest hate filled smears against America's elected leaders. I challenge you to start listening to your conscience and let our lord into your work. You can be such an influence for good in the world, instead of an agent of hatred and division.

    I will pray for you that you open your heart to truth and light.
  • OK this is silly now. You just made your last comment here pal.
  • obamaiztheantichrist
    Ban me? PLEASE DON'T BAN ME!! Just because I suggested you act Christian? Alright then. Jesus was crucified too.

    By the way, downs syndrome people should not be smoking weed. Lay off the pot my fascist violent friend. It's not good for you especially with said health condition.
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