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Connie Schultz Comes TO My Defense on DailyKOS… Calls Me Creepy

September 3, 2009 at 12:39 am Matt


My goodness, I hate writing about myself. If I was even 1/2 as interesting as Lyndsey Teter, I’d write about myself all the time. But I have to respond to this.

First of all, thank you for filling us in on that mysterious newspaper lingo. After print newspapers go out of business soon, it will be important to document such details for historical purposes.

I’m not mentally handicapped, although I have no sense of fashion and style. For that, I apologize.

Many weeks ago, I tried to explain to Connie by email that because of her husband, at a horribly offensive speech he gave to my graduating high school class about Republicans keeping blacks from the polls in Florida during the 2000 election, I decided to become more involved in politics to stop idiots like that.

Sherrod, along with his wife, are soulless leftist agitators right out of the pages of Rules for Radicals. And I think it is smart for conservatives, who aren’t exactly the protesting types, to learn from such tactics to fight back in defense of liberty & the principles of the Constitution, which our side is effectively doing via Tea Parties. It is really the only way to fight back against Obama’s perpetual Presidential campaign squad.

I didn’t go to the event to see Connie. I went because more than a dozen of my freedom-loving friends confirmed that they would be there. I didn’t know she was there until Sherrod mentioned her.

And just because she stays awake with cold sweats thinking of me on those lonely nights while Sherrod’s away in DC finding new ways to kill off the private insurance market, doesn’t mean that I would bother FOLLOWING her. good grief

Ultimately, it is people like Connie Schultz and Joe Hallett- the type who pretend that politics is a noble profession- who will never be in on the joke. In the mean time, if ObamaCare passes and I desperately need a treatment for a serious illness which isn’t government-approved, it would be a distinct privilege if the wife of a US Senator could pull my plug in honor of our new socialist utopia. To the State, dear Commie Connie!

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  • brendanm
    The best way to refute an accusation of creepiness is generally not writing an extremely creepy post confirming your obsession with Schultz and expressing moral outrage that someone would dare to believe that even poor and black people should be able to vote. And after going to school with Sen. Brown's daughters and seeing how - despite a busy Congressional career and a divorce -dedicated he was to them, in addition to his career's emphasis on compassion and social justice, and then comparing all that to your casually dishonest, childish, amoral, and hateful writings, I'm going to say that your "soulless" epithet (and pretty much all of your bullshit) is pure projection.

    You are a very ugly and small person, Mr. Naugle, and I'm not talking about your physical appearance.
  • annagirl
    Why are you so cruel? Why is it impossible for you to allow others to have a point of view? I cannot stand people like you. People who claim they are "freedom lovers" but hate even the most basic tenants of freedom. It just makes me sick to know that you're out there.
  • Not only is it my job to "allow" others to have a point of view, but I'm also derelict in my duty?
  • Jadd
    I couldn't disagree with your political positions or your posturing more, but I have to admit you have a charming way with words. Perhaps you do have a sense of literary style?
  • Hmmmmm Not sure what to say. Thank you, I think.
  • Earl
    Son, why waste your time bothering the ladies? Your breath is better spent explaining why a country boy like me should support John Kasich when he wouldn't even shake my hand at his own announcement rally.
  • Did you wash your hands? I hate shaking hands.
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