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Mike Coleman, Mary Jo Kilroy, Lee Fisher Asked “How Are We Going to Pay for This?”

September 5, 2009 at 9:44 am Matt

From Hourglass 1941:

This is a perfect question to ask these pin heads, because the answer is, under the current budget projections, there is no real way to pay for ObamaCare. Instead, this is all about collapsing the current system, and bringing into existence a more socialist government. And the scary thing is, Mary Jo Kilroy is such a true believer that she would gladly sacrifice her House seat and vote against the wishes of her more moderate constituency if it means she can help eliminate the private health care insurance companies.

I was at this event, as you may have saw in a bizarre video re-posted on Wonkette, which was filmed by my white-trash stalker.

And what was most interesting about Kilroy’s speech was her talk of increases in health insurance premiums as “inflation.” As Milton Friedman said, “Inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon.” So in reality, Kilroy is supporting the inflation that will occur once the economy rebounds and banks start using all of this new money they are sitting on. THAT is real inflation, but calling it inflation when insurance companies respond to more government regulation and the lack of out-of-state insurance competition (which is currently illegal) by raising prices is just a way to excuse irresponsible legislators like Kilroy.

And I like how persistent the lady holding the camera is. With a camera in hand, suddenly, Ruben Studdard isn’t so tough.

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  • bhhillyer
    How did Kilroy ever get elected?
  • Thomas Paine
    6000 Somali votes in 15th District.
  • Earl
    Is that why Stivers is promising to make American banks obey Islamic law?
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