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Killing the Death Tax

September 9, 2009 at 9:58 am Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

Americans for Prosperity are doing their best to make sure that job-creating, high net-worth individuals stop fleeing the Buckeye State:

Another effort is under way to kill what critics call Ohio’s “death tax.”

The state chapter of Americans for Prosperity is leading a push for an initiated statute to repeal Ohio’s estate tax, which is paid on residents’ estates that are valued at $338,333 or more after they die.

The tax isn’t needed and causes individuals and businesses to relocate to other states that do not have an estate tax, said John F. Boyle Jr., president of the group’s Ohio chapter.

“This drives jobs out of Ohio, bottom line,” he said.

The group started the repeal process last week by filing an initial petition with more than 1,000 signatures of registered voters and the text of the proposed law for Attorney General Richard Cordray’s office to certify this week.[...]

The bill received several committee hearings but stalled without a vote after Gov. Ted Strickland threatened a veto and local-government groups voiced strong opposition, said Wolpert, R-Hilliard.

“They are a very powerful lobby,” he said of local governments. “People seem to really want this, but the bureaucrats don’t because they are going to lose money.”

Mr. Boyle is a friend of mine. And I’m fairly certain his name is JACK Boyle. He is a smart man, and one of the rare conservative movement leaders in Ohio. AFP is a Koch Foundation 501c4, which is exactly what Ohio needs to answer the carnival of liberal special interests who fund Progress Ohio (which is also a 501c4).

As Ken Blackwell learned the hard way in 2006 with his “tax expenditure limitation amendment, ” local governments will always scream bloody murder whenever their revenue streams are under attack. But in Ohio over the past 15 years, the rate of growth in state government is roughly twice that of state government, which is a huge reason why Ohio has the 7th highest taxes in the nation.

But I’d rather annoy local bureaucrats than continue to kill off many thousands of Ohio jobs.

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