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You Lie!

September 10, 2009 at 9:31 am Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

The Congress needs less yelling, and more caning.

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  • brendanm
    Yes, we need more Southern conservatives, motivated by racial hatred, angrily lashing out against Northern liberals. Good call. At least you drew from an appropriate historical parallel, a racist South Carolina House member acting extremely inappropriately on the floor of Congress during a debate about an issue of national morality and justice, though your conclusion is idiotic (as usual).
  • bnidleb
    Apparently the Civil Rights Act of 1964 didn't go far enough for you, sir. If a white male disagrees with a President that so happens to be black, then of course he must be racist. I thought that the act created equality. I must have been mistaken. When liberals ask for integrity and honesty they must not include themselves. When will straight, white males have the opportunity to stop appologizing for the history of our fathers? I would like to point out, since you brought up history, that liberals seem to have a firmer grasp on the rights to call themselves racists. Andrew Jackson stated in regards to the Supreme Court after the Cherokee Indians won the right to stay on their native lands, "They have made their decision, now let's see them enforce it." Abraham Lincoln created the Emmancipation Proclamation. Republicans authored the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Richard Nixon created Affirmative Action. Democrats really are the party of the common man, just look at what Dems have done for cities like Toledo and Cleveland (which is number one on the poverty rate in the U.S.). One last thing, why would liberals give Terrorists more Constitutional rights than an unborn child? You libs are really all heart.
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