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Washington County Fair Poll: Ted Strickland is Unpopular

September 12, 2009 at 3:29 pm Matt

From Evan Bevins of the Marietta Times:

A majority of respondents to The Marietta Times’ 2009 Washington County Fair Poll are not pleased with the job being done by Ohio’s governor.

The annual survey of opinions on various issues received only 48 responses this year, down five from the 2008 edition, and a far cry from years past when more than 100 people responded. The poll is not scientific, although in the past, it has been a good indicator of local opinion.

Respondent Ronald Hill, 68, of Reno, was one of 34 people indicating they were unsatisfied with Gov. Ted Strickland’s performance going into the upcoming election year. Hill described himself as a bit of a “fence-straddler” when it comes to the governor.

“I like Ted Strickland as a human being, as a man, but I don’t think he’s doing what he’s supposed to do,” he said.

For example, Hill said he doesn’t agree with the governor’s plan to legalize video slot machines at Ohio’s seven racetracks to help balance the state budget. He said the poor are the ones who mainly take advantage of gambling, pointing to West Virginia’s video lottery parlors.

“The rich man is the one that’s behind the slot machines, collecting the money,” he said.

Hill was in the majority when it came to the slot machines issue, with 33 respondents opposed. Ten people agreed with Strickland’s proposal, and five labeled it “a necessary evil.”

I think it is difficult to not like Gov. Strickland personally. I have watched hundreds of Strickland speeches since 2005 and can see how his average-Joe shtick plays well in Ohio. But that folksy crap doesn’t mean much when unemployment has more than doubled and he is shoving gambling down the throats of Ohioans so the Redferns, the Democrat party, Sandy Theis, and associated business ventures can cash in while they still can!

Gov. Strickland’s own estimates suggest that Ohio’s unemployment rate- currently 11.2%- will continue to drop. And what this means is that, once the gubernatorial campaign season heats up, Strickland, if he cares about remaining in office, will run the ugliest, scorched-earth campaign in Ohio history.

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  • Gerrmaine
    What I "like" in a politician is one who can do his little itty bitty job well (guard the people's Constitutional rights and stay out of the way of free enterprise and the People).
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