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LetOhioVote.org – Success!

September 21, 2009 at 10:13 am Matt

While the Strickland administration can’t even properly find the vein to kill a criminal, LetOhioVote.org struck a vein to totally ruin Gov. Strickland’s patch work budget.

From Gongwer:

The Ohio Supreme Court ruled today that Gov. Ted Strickland’s plan to install up to 17,500 video slot machines at horse racetracks is subject to a potential statewide voter referendum.

Justices said in a 6-1 opinion that enabling provisions legislators included in the state budget do not fall within any of the exceptions to the right of referendum in the Ohio Constitution.

The court, acting in a lawsuit that LetOhioVote.org filed, ordered Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner to accept and process summary petitions for the group’s attempt to place the question of video lottery terminals on the ballot

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  • Bobbie Collins
    Your platform may wipe out an industry that fuels farmers and hard working animal husbandry familys,many that work side by side in a age of of tv and video games.You are very ignorant,hope you sleep knowing the pain and heart break for my horses and owners.
  • Liesel
    This was a victory for Ohio Voters. I was deeply shocked (sarcasm) that Justice "I pretend to be a Republican" Pfeifer dissented. His entire dissent was a big kiss to the backside of Governor Strickland and the Democrats. He is a disgrace to the party and I hope Dewine runs someone against him in the primary and puts a true Republican on the ballot.
  • Liesel
    This was a great victory for Ohio voters. Sadly, Justice "I pretend to be a Republican" Pfeifer spewd a dissent that kissed the backside of the Strickland Adminstration. I hope Kevin Dewine runs someone against this joke and puts a true Republican in his seat.
  • anonR
    The first phase-in of Ted Strickland's school funding scheme was sustainable for exactly 65 days.
  • Bobbie Collins
    You all sound so pathetic,Republican or not what exactly is your complaint.Have you seen
    what this has done for the Indiana and States like New York.What a bunch of crap.
  • anonR
    My concern is with what will happen now that there is a very large gap in the budget. How will this impact our state? Where will we find the money; what else will be cut? I despise taxes, but honestly, I'd rather see a sales tax than more cuts to agencies and programs.
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