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CCV and ProgressOhio Join Forces

October 6, 2009 at 3:05 pm Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

From the AP:

COLUMBUS, OHIO — Two advocacy groups formed an unlikely alliance Monday to oppose a plan to put casinos in Ohio’s largest cities, temporarily casting aside opposing philosophies to say that casinos would harm Ohio’s economy, increase crime and require increased social spending.

Citizens for Community Values, a socially conservative organization that pushed Ohio’s constitutional amendment against gay marriage in 2004, visited the headquarters of liberal group ProgressOhio. The two organizations, diametrically opposed on most issues, believe that the casino plan will have social and economic costs that outweigh whatever benefit it would bring.

“Nothing comes to mind immediately,” said David Miller, vice president of public policy for Citizens for Community Values, when asked whether he could think of other issues that have brought the two sides together.

But, he added, “I think we care about people. That’s what brings us together here, is the serious impact that gambling is going to have in Ohio if we approve these four casinos.”

I know a lot of the CCV activists, and I can assure you their opposition stems from principle and religious conviction. That is far more honorable than Progress Ohio, who used to employ Sandy Theis, the spokesbabe of  the casino-supported anti-Issue 3 campaign. This is just another payday for libertine Brian Rothenberg.

Brian  is about as opposed to the expansion of gambling as he is to building of gay bathhouses.

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  • hickmania
    True, Rothenberg and all others at Progress Ohio are extremely overpaid for the few, if any, real progressives they affect/effect other than raking in almighty dirty dollars for themselves and other similarly rich Upper Arlingtonians and Worthingtonites as well as collaborators such as Blue Dog Pseudo-Dems and an array of corrupt Labor Unions.

    All of the above enable Strickland and Redfern's unjust dysfunctional control regarding what goes on at the Ohio Statehouse and Ohio Democratic Party Headquarters. Also, the above should NEVER be considered "progressive" despite whatever they try to claim. Similar to Progress Ohio, their so-called "progressive" brand is different and dirtier than the true grassroots progressives and their respective groups I know and care about.

    Frankly, I don't care about Rothenberg being gay. So, freakin' what !!! There are as many GLBT Log Cabin Republicans as Stonewall Democrats. Don't forget United Way de-funding "decider," Mary Jo Hudson's, "Human Rights" snub of beloved Boy Scouts by unceremoniously kicking them to the curb. Also, lest we forget, Mary Jo Hudson, is currently Strickland's appointee as Director of the Ohio Department of Insurance.

    I don't give a darn about whatever politically correct high horse Ms. Hudson was on. Personally, when I was a kid, I was in the Scouts. Thus, I found Ms. Hudson's unjust disregard for Scouting traditions to be completely callous, offensive and SELFISH !

    So, with that in mind, I ask why did Joe Hallet chose other dirty dogs such as Brian Rothenberg and Tim Russo to include in his current Op-Ed??

    Oh yeah, let's read the headline:

    "Anonymity of Internet encourages people to spread venom, vulgarity"

    Well, thanks for hyper-enabling the above headline Joe. But I'll ask again, why are you giving Rothenberg, Russo and others undeserved recognition that ultimately bolsters what they insanely value above all else?... thousands of undeserved blog "hits."

    So Joe, you say "Everybody is fair game."

    It looks like you're a new blog "game" player!

    Mr. Hallet, you just informed up to 300,000 Dispatch readers to pay attention to some people that it would be much wiser, in my opinion, to ignore. I say this because I'd rather see them go away without their biased pockets lined (or slanted egos tweaked) from whatever yellow journalism-like benefits (real or imagined) they receive from increased blog traffic, donations, advertising revenue and/or consulting fees.
  • Dave
    Gasp... Eric Vessels (aka. PlunderDUMB) darn near agrees with you (Matt) completely regarding Progress Ohio. My how times have changed in that regard:

    Didn't the Transcendental Karmatic wonder boy once defend Brian Rothenberg and Progress Ohio to the point of calling you (Matt) out to a boxing match ?? Ha, we all know Eric ain't no Buddha Belly boxin' sensation !! But he sure is slap stick stupid when he gets his big buddha beer belly swingin' while dancin' ... BWAAAHAHAHAHA !!

    Unfortunately Eric still can't get over how my words kick his stupid self to the curb!!

    Poor Eric ... waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!
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