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Being a Wall Street Titan is Not a Bad Thing!

November 2, 2009 at 6:57 pm Matt

I don’t care for the tone of this article by Jonathan Riskind, Joe Hallett and Mark Niquette of The Dispatch. Even though it comes to the defense of Kasich against weak class-envy arguments made by MTR Lobbyist Chris Redfern, it starts with the notion that being a successful Wall Street player is inherently bad.

And does the article talk about how government intervention in the mortgage industry is largely responsible for the collapse of Lehman’s? Of course not.

Who would you rather have as governor: A country bumpkin Governor who, even though has commanded a handsome salary in elected office, as a professor, and prison psychologist, has NO investments to report  OR a guy who worked to help companies get the capital they need to start and grow?

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  • Mark Moretti
    Yeah, I talked about this too in a post entitled: Kasich shocker: John worked hard, was successful.

    It was strange how they began the article even though, like you said, it says Kasich worked hard at Lehman.

    Looking forward to seeing where today's votes show we're heading. I was surprised to read another article (I think it was the Dispatch) that said it looked like Ohio would return Strickland to Columbus. But there is a long way to go to next November.
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