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OH-18: Fred Dailey Loves Pork Spending

November 18, 2009 at 2:20 pm Matt

Fred Dailey is nervous about his race against Bob Gibbs for Congress, and had to hire some political operatives. That is a smart move, but nothing can cover up Dailey’s record as a pork-loving state bureaucrat.

From the New York Times, “Iowa Finds Itself Deep in Heart of Wine Country” (11/19/2006):

[A]cross the Midwest, wineries are thriving, both as tourism magnets and profit-making businesses. Some are even producing quality wine, sommeliers say, made possible by French-American grape hybrids that are bred to thrive in cold climates.

They have been so successful that more corn, soybean and tobacco farmers are clearing fields and planting grapes. In Iowa alone, a new winery has been licensed every two weeks for the past year, officials say. Now, more than 700 acres are devoted to grapes (compared with 15 in 2000) and there are close to 70 commercial wineries. Iowa has also just hired its first state oenologist to help guide the novice winemakers.

Other Plains and Midwestern states are also producing grapes, and uncorking more of the bottles they produce.

In South Dakota, for instance, the number of wineries has more than doubled recently, to 11. In Indiana, the local wine industry has added $34 million to the economy annually. And Ohio is spending $900,000 to promote its local vintages, competing with more established regions in California, the Goliath of American wine.

“We’re not afraid to take them on,” said Fred L. Dailey, director of the Ohio Department of Agriculture. Bragging about a recent West Coast competition where an Ohio Riesling won an award, Mr. Dailey said dismissively, “We beat out all those over-oaked chardonnays over there.”

Fred Dailey is OK with taking $900,000 of your money and handing it over to the wine industry. Are you?

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  • Fred Shimp
    Just a couple of facts for those who are interested. First, the money for this fund comes from explicit language in the ORC that requires a certain amount of tax on wine sales to go to this dedicated fund for research and promotional purposes. It's not money Dailey "lobbied" for or swiped from the General Revenue Fund to spend as he saw fit. And the legal language establishing this fund was created long before Dailey ever arrived in state government. Second, this is a former state agency director who operated for years with the leanest administrative staff in state govenment. When cuts came, Dailey spent less on executive staff and maintained needed food inspectors and veterinarians who monitor for animal disease outbreaks. This is a guy who personally reviewed, and in many instances, denied travel requests for employees because money was tight, and the travel was not absolutely necessary. Dailey assumed more legal responsibilities from the General Assembly while Director yet reduced overall staffing levels at the same time.

    It's true-you can look it up.
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