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When It Comes to Twitter, John Kasich is One Hip Cat

November 19, 2009 at 10:13 am Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

From Dan Balz in the Washington Post:

That issue flared briefly during the opening day of the Republican Governors Association annual conference here Wednesday. Former Ohio representative John Kasich offered a provocative assessment of his party’s failures on that front when he complained about the lack of success of his former colleagues in Washington in projecting a compelling message to the country.

“I think Republicans need to learn to communicate with the tools of the 21 st century,” Kasich said. “The women in Iran have been more effective using Twitter than House Republicans have been getting their message out to the country. We need to embrace the modern tools of the 21 st century…. Let’s get with it with this stuff.”

Republicans are clearly envious of the success of President Obama’s campaign last year in reaching voters through social networking, text messaging, e-mails and other new technology. But Virginia Gov.-elect Robert McDonnell claimed he took Obama’s ideas and adapted them in his own successful campaign this fall.

Kasich may be onto something here. Even with conservatives being inherently skeptical of new, fad technologies, the Top Conservatives on Twitter is, by far, the most popular group and “hash tag” on that website.

However, Republican leaders in Congress were not expressing smaller-government principles until President Obama won the White House in November 2008. So you can have the best emailtweetblogtextfaceyspacey machine in there world,  it doesn’t mean squat if your message stinks.

If you are one of those Twitter users, make sure to follow John Kasich (@johnkasich) and Ted Strickland (@robotmovies).

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