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95th District: Former Strickland Staffer Hack Runs for the State House

November 20, 2009 at 2:14 pm Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

His name is Lou Gentile of Steubenville, a former Strickland congressional staffer who worked for the Strickland office worker who exposed himself to 12 year old girls.

The unpopular Governor gave his former employee a glowing endorsement:

“I know how much Lou loves this region,” said Gov. Ted Strickland. “I know how honest he is and I know how hard he works. I have waited for him to run for public office for a long time. He has finally reached the decision and is doing it and I would want to be no where else today other than here with Lou Gentile as he kicks off his campaign to be the next representative from the district.”

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  • modernesquire
    Lou never worked with the employee you just claimed who left before Lou worked for Strickland. Furthermore, that employee worked in D.C. and Lou worked in the district.
  • Since you are a former Strickland staffer, what was your relationship with Mr. Specht?
  • modernesquire
    Correct your article, hack.

    And to answer your question, none. Because, again, he worked in D.C. and I worked in the district. He left before I did and Gentile came on.

    Your story is wrong.

    What's your relationship with Ken Blackwell, you seem to have an unusual attraction to him despite his failures.
  • I have it on good authority that you are wrong. I also have the court documents that Strickland used his influence to have expunged.

    A Strickland campaign staffer approached me at a campaign event telling me to lay off of him because he was suicidal because of what I was posting about him. Strickland hires some bizarre people.
  • lakecountyoh
    ahhhhhhh yes! this is what i like to see: extreme partisanship.

    Matt Naugle took down Marc Dann. I would like to see Ted Strickland taken down in some sort of gay love triangle fiasco with Jerid Kurtz. Just Sayn'

    Anyhow, everyone doubted Matt Naugle when he posted facebook profile material from a Marc Dann staffer and was the first to claim Dann was having an affair.

    Modernesquire and his merry band of left wing whackos wailed!

    In the end...pudgy Marc Dann stepped down in disgrace.
  • bhhillyer
    How true Lake County.
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