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Kasich Leads Strickland by 9 POINTS in Latest Rasmussen Poll

December 9, 2009 at 9:42 am Matt Leave a comment Go to comments


Unemployment in Ohio has jumped to 10.5%, the state is wrestling with an $851 million budget shortfall, and Governor Ted Strickland has proposed delaying a tax cut approved in 2005. Add it all together, and it’s a tough environment for the incumbent Democratic governor who now trails his expected general election opponent by nine percentage points in an early look at the 2010 race.

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey in Ohio shows Republican John Kasich getting 48% of the vote while Strickland picks up just 39%. Three percent (3%) say they’d prefer a third-party candidate, and 11% are not sure who they would vote for. In September, the two men were essentially even.

Also, 46% of Ohioans view Gov. Strickland unfavorably, and he only attracts 71% of the black vote. I bet these numbers won’t make those attending Ted’s downtown fundraiser tonight very happy.

These numbers are outside any I’ve seen recently, but it shouldn’t be surprising considering the way Governor’s are rejecting tax-raising Governors throughout the country. And it only reaffirms that Gov. Strickland has no choice but to run the most sleazy, negative campaign in Ohio history… but I don’t think he has the ammunition to make it stick.

Considering this trend, and the Governor’s serious health problems, how likely do you think it is that Chris Redfern has a back up gubernatorial candidate in mind?

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