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Gov. Ted Strickland’s New Spokesbabe: Elisabeth Smith

January 6, 2010 at 3:04 pm Matt

And she brings the winning Corzine/McAuliffe mojo with her to Gov. Strickland’s poorly run office:

NOT Winnie Cooper from "The Wonder Years"

Gov. Ted Strickland’s re-election campaign has hired New York native Elisabeth Smith as its communications director.

Smith, 27, a native of Bronxville, N.Y. and graduate of Dartmouth College, arrived in Ohio Sunday to take over the campaign’s communications operation. In 2009, Smith served as press secretary for then-Democratic Gov. Jon Corzine’s unsuccessful re-election campaign. Earlier in the year, she worked for Terry McAuliffe’s failed bid to win the Democratic gubernatorial nomination in Virginia.

“2009 was a tough year for me,” Smith said.

She did, however, help direct a winning Democratic campaign in 2006 as a staffer for Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill. Smith worked in Ohio in 2004, stationed in Toledo, as a staffer for Democrat John Edwards’ campaign for president.

Smith said she is eager to get started on Strickland’s re-election effort: “Gov. Strickland is someone I have admired for a long time.”

Yeah she has admired Gov. Strickland for a long time… or at least since Nov. 20th when she was job hunting and started to post favorable articles about the Gov, probably during the interview process.

What else do we know about Ms. Smith, other than she couldn’t win an election with so many registered dead voters and the mafia on her side?

From her Twitter account, we learn she

* agrees that Republicans hate Democracy.

* believes outrage over ObamaCare is entirely manufactured by lobbyists and calls those protesters  “teabaggers,”  which is slang for testicular gustation.

* has multiple posts attacking the “gun lobby” and the 2nd Amendment. I wonder how she feels about Ted Strickland’s A rating from the NRA?

* is a fan of Pandagon, perhaps one of the most foul-mouthed lefty blogs ever, which is run by Ted Strickland’s former campaign blogger.

* hates making plans with friends on Twitter.

* wasn’t sure if it was worth while to turn in her Xterra for the cash for clunkers program.

* defends a pedophile, which will make her fit in perfectly with Strickland’s office.

* has three favorite “family Christmas movies”: The Hangover, Taken, and Inglourious Basterds. She adds, “Was ‘Taken’ written by Donald Rumsfeld? Or does Glenn Beck go to bed to it every night?”

* HATES nude bandages.

* encourages friends to “Bruno/Borat” the Missouri State Capitol. I wonder if this means we will see any nudity and scatological hilarity at the Ohio State House?

* Is a fan of Brett Michael of Poison fame’s Rock of Love Show. (See here and here.)

* Loves the Jersey Shore, a crude MTV reality show.

* can bring Ted Strickland the coveted Abe Vigoda endorsement.

In addition to bringing the political boom boom pow to Gov. Corzine’s campaign, she also worked for Dan Seals, a congressional candidate from the Chicago political machine, who was buying off voters in exchange for gasoline.

Working for Dan is a gas!

Why do you suppose Gov. Ted Strickland needed to expand his communication staff? Was the Wurst spokesbabe in the world, Mrs. Enron, tired of finding creative ways of saying “no comment” or blaming problems on former President Bush?

Welcome to Ohio, Elisabeth. Keep tweeting, and keep that resume around for next year!

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  • scottpullins
    Come on guys, she's way, way hotter than Winnie Cooper.
  • Jeff
    Just imagine all of the talented, out of work Ohioans who could have applied for this job. And wasn't it Strickland who attacked Corzine after his defeat, blaming his loss on being a "Wall Street insider"?
  • Monroe
    Boom pow powwwwwwww wow!
  • Ohio_Proud
    Wow - I guess this is part of Ted's Ohio Guest Worker Program - which must be part of his "Fighting Jobs for Ohio Program", or maybe there just were not any Winnie Cooper Look alikes in Ohio - You would have at least thought there was one graduate of the Ohio University's Great Communication School that fit the bill.. Maybe a New Reality Combo Show is in the works here : Survivor /"SpokesBabe for Ted "
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