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John Adams vs. Joe Hallett

January 6, 2010 at 6:25 am Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

The Navy Seal rightfully throws Hallett around like a pansy-ass Somali pirate:

As a Navy SEAL, I quickly learned the meaning of the phrase, “Lead, follow or get out of the way.” In his Dec. 20 column, “Term limits get in the way of lawmakers seeing big picture,” Dispatch Senior Editor Joe Hallett suggested that Gov. Ted Strickland’s leadership has displayed backbone.

Having a backbone is demonstrated by knowing how and when to say no to out-of-control spending.

Ohio citizens know that when there is no money to pay the bills, you don’t borrow more. Small businesses all over Ohio are surviving, and legislators who lack a backbone stick them with higher taxes and higher regulatory costs.

Please examine more closely Strickland’s $2 billion in cuts to the general-revenue fund. When examining the two-year, all-funds budget, one discovers it has increased by more than 10 percent compared with the previous biennial budget.

The “big-picture focus on Ohio’s greater good” is not lost among the new members of the General Assembly. “Rookies” have provided the policies to create an environment for new jobs to be created and others to be sustained. I authored House Bill 25, a complete restructuring of how Ohio does business in a more cost-efficient manner.

Government efficiency is fostered by the creation of jobs. Ohio is not competitive with the states that believe in less-expensive government and fewer taxes on job creators. A continual phase-down of the personal income tax will make us competitive again.

Ohio is a great state, and we need to make every effort to keep it great for future generations.

78th Ohio House District

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