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The Battle Over Ted Strickland’s Patchwork Budget Continues…

January 7, 2010 at 5:41 pm Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

with another exciting Supreme Court case!

An anti-smoking group is asking the Ohio Supreme Court to rule on a dispute about how the state can spend $258 million originally intended to prevent tobacco use.

The American Legacy Foundation said yesterday that it will appeal a lower-court decision last week that would allow the state to use the tobacco funds in its two-year budget. The money, in part, would go toward expanded health-care coverage for poor children.

The funds are what remain from the $10 billion that Ohio received from a 1998 settlement with major tobacco companies.[...]

“I think the Legacy Foundation really is acting in a manner that I would consider selfish and self-serving,” Strickland said.

WHOA! Selfish and self-serving? The organization is working to help people quit smoking! The only ones who were selfish and self-serving were scumbag lawyers, such as “Republicans for Strickland” founder Rocky Saxbee, who made a fortune off of the unconstitutional tobacco settlement.

Thus far, Ohio Attorney General Rich Corday, who is busy taking cheap-shots at lobbyists in a style reminiscent of Marc Dann, has argued that because the state sometimes pays for tobacco-related health services and because money is fungiable, then the money cannot be earmarked and the state can spend it however it damn well wants to.

So what happens now? Since this money is tied up in courts and tax collections are tens of millions less just for December alone, will Strickland propose another tax increase? Or maybe its time to sue tobacco companies again?

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