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Ohio’s Tax Burden Continues to Kill off Businesses: American Greetings

January 12, 2010 at 9:33 am Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

From the Plain Dealer:

BROOKLYN, Ohio – Gov. Ted Strickland and other state officials visited American Greetings Corp. Chairman Morry Weiss, Chief Executive Zev Weiss and other company executives on Monday morning to urge them to stay in Northeast Ohio.

The meeting was called after reports that the nation’s largest publicly held greeting card manufacturer is considering moving its global headquarters and 2,000 employees to another city – and possibly another state – with lower taxes.

But it didn’t resolve anything except for the fact that both parties want to continue talking.

Over sandwiches and brownies, Strickland and Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher stressed to American Greetings’ leaders how important they are not only to Brooklyn and this area, but to the entire state of Ohio.

I was just driving past their office on Christmas Eve for Midnight Mass thinking how impressive it is that a company like this has decided to tough it out in a depressed city. Guess I spoke too soon!

Gov. Strickland truly should be considered the “brownie and sandwiches” Governor… He sees what is wrong with the state and sympathizes, but outside of begging the Federal government for more stimulus dollars and promising magical “green jobs”, he is not focused on Ohio’s burdensome tax rates and unhealthy business climate.

The best outcome here could be that Gov. Strickland and perhaps the Ohio Department of Development offers American Greetings enough incentives to stay in Ohio. But instead of businesses counting on political favors and handouts, Ohio needs serious tax reform and a Governor who actually understands what is needed for economic growth.

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  • modernesquire
    Matt- The article says that it's because of local income taxes, not the State's taxes.
  • taxes don't occur in a vacuum. Ohio's tax burden is in the top 5- and that's a combination of local and state.

    You should be proud- Your radical ideology calls for heavy confiscation of wealth by a state.
  • lakecountyoh
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