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Dave Yost for Auditor

January 25, 2010 at 4:20 pm Matt

From Prosecutor Yost’s website:

Yost Announces Candidacy for Auditor of State Delaware County Prosecutor responds to GOP call to fill void on statewide ticket

(Columbus) – Delaware County Prosecutor Dave Yost today announced that he will run for the position of Auditor of State, seeking to fill a vacancy created when incumbent Auditor Mary Taylor was chosen by Republican gubernatorial candidate John Kasich to be his Lt. Governor running mate. Yost had been a candidate for Attorney General prior to his announcement.

“Business, political and grassroots leaders across this great state have called on me during the last several days to put aside my personal plans and fill a gap in our party’s ticket – to step up and bring my skills and passion for public integrity to this most important work. After much prayer, reflection and taking of counsel, I have decided to run for Auditor of State,” Yost said.

Yost previously served on Delaware City Council, as Delaware County Auditor from 1999 to 2003 and as Prosecutor since then. He vowed to use his background in identifying and prosecuting political corruption to build on Taylor’s “legacy of excellence during her term as Auditor of State.” “Dave Yost brings an ideal background to the race for this critical state office. Given the mess that Ted Strickland and the Democrats have made of Ohio’s budget and financial future, Dave’s candidacy sends yet another signal to voters that Republicans are serious about getting Ohio back on the right track,” said Ohio GOP Chairman Kevin DeWine.

Yost pledged “to ensure that every tax dollar sent to Columbus is spent for a public purpose and according to law – and I will take decisive action when it is not.”

Dave Yost is qualified for the job, and is a smart, staunchly ethical, and deeply conservative man who is in line with the type of principles espoused by John Kasich.

Those few yippie-yappie righty Ohio bloggers who are angry at him for making the switch are more frustrated with the prospect of Mike DeWine, but they should be pleased at the idea of Dave Yost in statewide office. Yost is a hard working campaigner and it is nice to see the establishment rally around him… even if their intentions aren’t ideal.

And if we are unlucky enough to have Mike DeWine serve as our next Attorney General, conservatives can sit quietly, waiting to demoralize and unload on him when he runs for Governor.

I wonder if the ORP at least promised enough money to run Yost’s music video on cable?:

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  • Michael Cullison
    Thanks for being fair to all, Matt--unlike the other Matt blogger. Although I wanted to see Dave beat the snot out of Little Mikey, I'm sure not going to criticize him for essentially "taking one for the team." And I'm not going to blame Kevin DeWine, who didn't do this for his second cousin. I think we all know who really set all this crap sliding down the hill, but we can't say it out loud. This was a selfless move by Dave, who remains a principled conservative no matter what office he seeks or holds. I'm holding my nose and voting for Cordray, as most gun rights supporters will do.
  • Ryan Stubenrauch
    I'm a gun owner and supporter. I will absolutely not be voting for the man who campaigned arm in arm with Sarah Brady and personally defended the Brady Bill in the Supreme Court.

    In case you're keeping score at home, the person who did those things is none other then Richard Cordray.
  • On the General Election Ballot is there a place to "write-in?" I am not sure because I used to always vote R...so I just looked for the names with R's next to them and pulled the lever. This fall I won't be able to do that.

    So, if there is a spot to "write in" I will write in "ham sandwhich."

    I would rather write in "ham sandwhich" than vote for Mike Dewine. Obviously I can't vote for Cordray and I don't want to not vote.
  • Brian
    Ryan - then who? No way DeWine is any better.
  • You know the right people to talk to. Can I interview him like I interviewed Cordray then?
  • Thanks. I have to imagine family matters in this case but you or I will never know.

    And I have enough on Cordray and guns that give me great pause.

    As to the other Matt, I haven't read those guys in 6 months. Did I miss anything? I hate to make fun, but if my work ever sinks to that weird, useless level, let me know so I can stop blogging.
  • IF...I said IF it did...and we told you...would you listen? ;)
  • ouch
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