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January 26, 2010 at 6:19 pm Matt

If you missed the State of the State Address today, good for you! It was an hour of excruciating platitudes, repacking of tired Taft-era proposals, and warm-fuzzies.

I am not sure if there is any gimmicky, expensive, inefficient, or non-existent energy solution Strickland didn’t tout. His solutions to economic problems are an endless supply of handouts and tax-payer backed loans to: windmill producers and other politically connected companies.

And the energy talk fit in perfectly with his theme of quirky protectionism, touting the silly notion of energy independence from “Middle Eastern oil barons.” And while Ted Strickland wants Ohio to shed itself of its “rust belt” image, he announced “InSource Ohio,” which is another protectionist rust-belt sounding plan to work with any “Ohio company currently outsourcing or considering outsourcing”… Which means, actively working to discourage Ohio companies from becoming more dynamic and efficient!

And, with more talk of protectionism and artificially boosting certain industries, Ohio will finally have government run grocery stores in Ohio. Not only will we not be the rust belt, we will no longer be the pickle-only state:

But we should do a better job getting Ohio-grown and raised foods onto the dinner tables of Ohio families. Because Ohioans spend about 43 billion dollars every year on food, but only 3 percent of that spending goes to products from Ohio farms. Moreover, too many Ohioans live in neighborhoods where fresh produce is hard to find or impossible to afford.

Today I am announcing the Ohio Neighborhood Harvest–the largest effort of its kind ever undertaken to map access to healthy and locally grown food. Working in partnership with local governments, the private sector and non-profits, we will use our findings to design a statewide strategy to improve access to Ohio- grown products and ensure that people in every neighborhood in Ohio have access to affordable, healthy food. Because there shouldn’t be any neighborhood in Ohio where the only vegetable for sale is the pickle on a fast food hamburger.

Stupid. Can anyone in Ohio not currently drive to a grocery store or Wal-Mart in 30 minutes? We need government to figure out where food is sold?

Below, John Kasich swats down Strickland’s green jobs tax gimmicks, noting that ALL Ohio companies are hurt by Ohio’s burdensome taxes:

And John McClelland at the Ohio GOP gets fancy on his Mac:

And State Sen. Jimmy Stewart reminds us of the insane mess that is always set for the next state budget debate:

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