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OH-18: Bob Gibbs Endorsed by ex-Fred Dailey Consultant

January 27, 2010 at 4:07 pm Matt

As an update to this story, the Matt Parker speaketh:

1/27/2010 3:26 PM Matt Parker wrote:
First, let me say that Fred Dailey is one of the finest men I have ever met. His record is impeccable, and his life experiences are second to none.

However, we were unable to overcome the same challenges that existed in 2008 when Fred lost to Zack Space by 20%. Most importantly, fundraising was continuing to be a major problem. State Senator Bob Gibbs is clearly emerging as the frontrunner. Our firm believes that it is vitally important to see liberal congressman Zack Space defeated in 2010, and we believe Bob Gibbs has stepped up as the candidate most capable of accomplishing this.

This is why I asked Fred earlier this month to consider dropping out of the race. However, that is a decision that Fred has to make HIMSELF–and I respect whatever decision he makes….I was only able to give him my best advice. I do not know what Fred will ultimately do…but I think my actions were anything but selfish. I could have continued to stay on as his consultant and collect a check–but I didn’t. I resigned from the campaign 2 weeks ago, as did the other people working on his race. We all worked really hard for Fred, but unfortunately, in my opinion, he wasn’t able to raise the resources necessary to win. This was very tough to do because everyone involved in the campaign has the utmost respect for Fred, Rita, and their entire family. He is a great man and it is a shame that his timing has always been bad when he has run for public office.

Something else… If you think that I personally made $36k off of the Fred Dailey campaign, your crazy. That money went to pay for 2 staffers who worked on Fred’s campaign and for many supplies and expenses incurred.

Just thought you might like to know the facts.

Not only is Gibbs the stronger candidate, he also has a more impressive conservative record.

Parker has also left the Dave Yost campaign, so maybe he will jump on the Rob Montgomery or Seth Morgan bus too?

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