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Founder of Homemakers for America Endorses Seth Morgan for Auditor, Rips Dave Yost

January 31, 2010 at 9:55 pm Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

Kimberly Fletcher, Founder and President of Homemakers for America, comes out swinging:

“Dave Yost has given into the corruption.” OUCH

I think it is unfair to argue this was totally masterminded by Chairman DeWine. Everyone I’ve talked to who is in a position to know thinks it was a last minute scramble to find a candidate after Mary Taylor’s announcement, and Prosecutor Yost was not Kevin’s first, or even third, choice. However, it is still interesting to point out who Kevin’s second cousin is.

Also, it is obnoxious populism to think politicians are only “politicians” when they don’t choose to be toga-wearing martyrs for some greater ideal. Politics is a never-ending, brutal knife-fight and a zero-sum game. Dave Yost and Seth Morgan are politicians, and they are both doing whatever they can to win.

But while conservatives may disagree with Kimberly on specifics, we should certainly share her frustration with having an unnecessary primary between two rock solid conservatives.

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  • I don't see how a principled conservative can support Dave Yost for Auditor. Dave Yost bowed to the worst of party politics. Dave Yost has lost elections for the position of Auditor in Delaware County.

    I am stunned that all but four republican auditors endorse Dave Yost.

    I do not endorse Dave Yost or the conduct of the Dewines.

    I will be working to elect Seth Morgan in Lake County; I will work to have him endorsed aat our endorsement meeting in February.
  • Rep. Morgan also lost for county auditor. Regardless, if you feel strongly about Morgan, I hope you really do work hard for him. I've enjoyed talking with him a number of times- He is a talented guy and would be a solid auditor.
  • flossy1
    Your information is inaccurate. Mr. Yost never lost a race in Delaware County - for Auditor or any other office.
    The only reason that Mr. Yost has not been endorsed by 100% of Republican auditors in Ohio is because 4 could not be reached...
  • true
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