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Ever Wanted to Listen the Leaders of Ohio’s Two Parties Square Off at the Liberal City Club of Cleveland with a Liberal Reporter Moderator?

February 5, 2010 at 11:08 pm Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

Yeah, me neither.

But here is the audio from Ohio Republican Party Chairman Kevin DeWine and MTR Lobbyist Chris Redfern from today anyway.

Both Chris and reporter Mark Naymik are fairly insulting to TEA party activists. And anyone paying attention to the debates over Gov. Bob Taft’s tax increase and how then-Chairman Bob Bennett insulted Republicans for standing in opposition, will be shocked to hear DeWine’s defense of phasing out the income tax. I think it is an admission that conservatism wins elections.

During the debate, Redfern also lies about Ken Blackwell’s proposed Tax Expenditure Limitation Amendment from 2005, which was later implemented only in statute, saying that it would have eliminated the state income tax. The TEL was only a cap on increases in state spending and didn’t even touch creative spending like bond issues and Federal stimulus Obamabucks. But its not like Chris has ever let the facts get in the way of a lame insult.

To give you an idea of how liberal the audience is, here are their first 5 questions:

1) How do we go about creating more “green jobs” and sustainability blah blah blah?

2) I’m an annoying social worker who is proud to be a social worker. Will you (Kevin DeWine) apologize for calling Ted Strickland’s running mate a “social worker?”

3) Kevin DeWine, why does your party oppose the murder of unborn babies, and what are you doing, if anything, to change that?

4) What should the legislature do about the Supreme Court deciding in favor of the freedom of speech in the Citizens United case?

5) What do you do to make sure the extremes (ie, TEA party activists) don’t run parties, and make sure you represent all of Ohio?

And this is why on every election morning, I turn towards Cleveland and pray that it sinks into Lake Erie.

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  • First off...Lake County is geographically the smallest county. When the counties were drawn up the proposed area for Lake County was still too small; so, an additional 1/3 of the area needed was included as land under lake erie! We are already half under 1/3 under water! No joke!

    Second now...if we fall in the water are you going to build us brand new gov't housing down in Bexley or Upper Arlington? Are you sure you want us heathens down there?

    Maybe you people can put us up at City Center...its not like anyone goes there anyways.
  • I did not know that.

    And you haven't heard? City Center will be a park. horray!
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