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OH-15: Steve Stivers on the Debt Ceiling

February 5, 2010 at 9:34 am Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

The US House passed a Senate amendment to increase the U.S. Debt ceiling by $1.9 trillion, which increases the amount government can borrow up to $14.3 trillion.  Since Congress is so quick to  raise this ceiling, the Treasury no longer views it as a bound and in November it admitted we would hit the ceiling sometime in mid- to late- December.

Steve Stivers would like you to know that Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy, a former central Ohio Socialist Party organizer, voted for it:

The amendment also included a budgetary gimmick known as PAYGO. As Rep. Mike Pence of Indiana explained, what PAYGO really means in Washington is: “You pay and they go on spending.”

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  • WL
    Should we pat him on the back for doing what he is supposed to do? For some reason I think he would have a different tone if her were in Congress in the early 2000's.

    Why do you support the establishment and kick challengers to the curb?
  • There is no doubt Stivers is sounding extra conservative lately, much different than he was in the legislature. I'm excited to hear rumors he may be reconsidering his abortion views.

    I love high quality challengers of the Club for Growth brand. Know of one I missed in Ohio?
  • WL
    What do you consider to be "High Quality"? My general discontent is that any challenger what-so-ever to the GOP's pre-primary endorsed candidates aren't considered to be real candidates. Those will followings, like this site, don't give the light of day to any alternates; thus, we're stuck with candidates in the same mold year after year. Thanks for the response.
  • Your blanet statement is nonsense. High quality = talented, conservative, knows how to win. The type of candidates the Club for Growth supports.

    I just get the sense you want me to write about whatever kook Ron Paulite that sends me a press release. If so, then please don't visit this site again because you won't find that.
  • WL
    As a Catholic, I cannot support Stivers when their are legitimate candidates in the race that stand up for life publicly. If he is not willing to support the the most essential right we have to the end, how deep are his other convictions? How is Stivers a conservative? How does he know how to win? Are his qualifications the fact that he's in with the party from the RNC to the FCGOP? If Stivers weren't the favored kid of the party, would he be ass successful as he's been? I don't think so. BTW, I haven't seen his endorsement from the Club for Growth.

    I appreciate your site and insight, but we chastise the party during the good times and when it comes election season, we ignore some major issues and put the same bums in office.


  • I'm not disagreeing with you, and the abortion issue is a MAJOR hangup for me too. Club for Growth would probably gladly endorse a serious challenger. He doesn't have one.

    Not sure how favored he is though- It was a major search to find a candidate to run in 2008, with Sen. Stivers being about #7 on the list. If nothing else, his rhetoric should be proof to the backwards Franklin County GOP establishment that conservatism wins elections.
  • WL
    BTW, where is Steve on the issues? Just like two years ago, he doesn't seems to put much on his website, why?
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