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Steve Christopher Donated Big Bucks to “Liberal” Mike DeWine

February 8, 2010 at 8:14 pm Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

(picture from his public Facebook profile)

I have made my strong disapproval of Mike DeWine known.  As Ohio’s Senator, he showed himself to be a man who lacks principles and helped destroy the Republican party brand. Since the Attorney General is not on the apportionment board, I couldn’t blame a conservative who doesn’t vote for Mike in November.

So how exciting it was this afternoon to hear that DeWine was going to get some primary heat from the right. And he happens to be a professor from the same school that DeWine attended law school:

Hardin County attorney Steve Christopher today, Feb. 8, said he is running for the Republican nomination for attorney general against former U.S. Sen. Mike DeWine of Cedarville.

“I feel like the moderates and conservatives need to have a candidate for attorney general who’s not a professional politician and a liberal, which DeWine and Cordray both are,” Christopher, 51, who is part of the Tea Party movement, said by phone.[...]

Christopher said he is a township trustee in Hardin County where he lives on a farm near Forest. He has law offices in Kenton and Findlay in Hancock County, where he filed his designation of campaign treasurer form.

“The overriding theme (of the campaign) is that we need a conservative on the ballot, someone who understands the constitution,” said Christopher.

He also is an adjunct professor at Ohio Northern University. DeWine attended law school at Ohio Northern.

Great! Pro-constitution! Smaller government! Liberal bashing! All stuff I approve of.

BUT, a quick look at campaign finance reports shows that Mr. Christopher has been quite a fan of Mike DeWine, writing substantial checks to DeWine’s campaigns:

6/29/04          Primary 2006-2006    $5
6/26/02          General 2006-2006    $10
2/11/02          Primary 2006-2006    $1,000
10/3/00          GENERAL 2000-2000    $650
9/8/00          GENERAL 2000-2000    $300
7/12/00          GENERAL 2000-2000    $25
9/2/99          PRIMARY 2000-2000    $1,000
8/10/94          GENERAL 1994-1994    $1,000
3/31/94          PRIMARY 1994-1994    $100
10/26/92    GENERAL 1992-1992    $700
10/22/92    GENERAL 1992-1992    $75
10/22/92    GENERAL 1992-1992    $75
8/24/92          GENERAL 1992-1992    $100

So why would a candidate who embodies the principles of conservatism donate thousands of dollars to a “liberal career politician” like Mike DeWine? That’s not very TEA partyish.

I also noticed he donated at least $1800 to pro-trial lawyer (anti-tort reform) American Association for Justice PAC. hmmmm

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  • Michael Cullison
    Good work, Matt. My only question is: WTF is going on here? Is this guy some kind of stalking horse for DeWine?
  • Questions should be asked. He might be really conservative anyway, but I don't like when opportunists take advantage of the legitimate grievances of the TEA party movement.
  • Steve Christopher
    To all the Right Ohio bloggers. I gave money to Mike DeWine. Back in 2000, I worked on his first senate campaign. I thought he was a conservative; that's the way he ran. If you could have known ahead of time that he would do what he did, then my hat's off to you. Like a lot of conservatives, I misjudged the man. I also contributed and worked on campaigns for other guys. Some stayed true and some didn't. You quit supporting the ones that sell out. Sometimes you have to choose the lesser of two evils. You can get involved and try to influence the system or just sit back and watch as it gets worse.
    I've chosen not to sit back and watch. I was early on a supporter of Dave Yost. When he left the AG race, I waited for another conservative to step forward. Nobody did. Reluctantly, I stepped up to fill the gap. Check me out; you should ask questions, whether of me or anyone else who seeks public office. I applaud you for your skepticism. I hope you will accept my explanation. I will never put the people who support me in the position, years later, of having to explain why.
    As to my YouTube video, I don't know who posted it. I had no plans to run for office when I gave that speech. It may not be artful, but it is heartfelt. If you want to know where I stand, start with the YouTube speech.
  • Bob Harbert
    It will be interesting to see where he stands on the issues that matter to Conservatives. I will not be voting for DeWine no matter what. It will be nice having someone run against him in the primary since Dave Yost bailed on us. If it comes down to DeWine and Cordray, I will be casting my first vote for a Democrat in my 45 years! At least Cordray has a strong 2nd Amendment stance which is very important to me. DeWine stabs Conservatives in the back.
  • Cordray's record on guns is really awful, actually. But Mike certainly earned his F from the NRA.
  • Steve W
    Christopher gave FIVE DOLLARS to DeWine in '04 and TEN dollars in the '02 General. Where was the Tea Party movement in February 2002? Back then, I remember being convinced that W was a fiscal Conservative supporter of free markets and individual liberties - it took the intervening 8 years for me to see the corruption inherent in the two-party system. Back then, I voted for LaTourette - last week I started getting petition signatures to run for his seat as an Independent. (LaTourette has violated his promise to term-limit himself, and has been too eager to spend Federal money on local parks & bike paths (converting private industrial infrastructure into public recreational space).

    "Liberal" and "Conservative" are opposites like "fire" and "ice".
    "DNC" and "RNC" are opposites like "inhale" and "exhale" - it's the same beast breathing.
  • My guess is that the $5 is for the ice cream social.
  • bornready
    Exactly! The fact that everyday citizens now have the option to run for elections changes everything. We no longer have to choose the lesser evil. Go Tea Party!!!!
  • Michael Cullison
    You maybe should also have mentioned he gave $20K to the RNC and a lot of $$ to the RNC state election committee. Makes him look a little less like a DeWine lover than just a good. solid GOP backer.
  • Yes, and Brunner's website shows he has given to conservatives in the State House too. This is defensible in the way you mentioned, but I haven't heard from Team Christopher, nor do they have a website that I can locate.
  • Sword
    Mr. Christopher's tea party speech in Hardin County last fall can be seen on YouTube. I think it succinctly states his position of all of the important issues of our day. Use this search in YouTube: steve christopher tea party
  • thank you
  • Sandi
    You've got to be kidding. You're dogging the guy because he gave money to Mike DeWine - the last time he gave a significant amount to him was EIGHT years ago, in 2002. To say that that's not very "TEA PARTYish" when the tea parties weren't even happening back then isn't fair. He, like the rest of us, has obviously turned away from Mike DeWine, who had purported to be a conservative and then drifted left. Back in 2002, I would have given money to Mike DeWine. Now I won't even give money to the RNC - I will only give to individual candidates I believe in. The RNC has caved to big government and abandoned its founding principles, as did Mike DeWine, George Voinovich, and so many others. We need a third party - Conservative party, Liberty, Constitution, Tea party - whatever you want to call it - we need leadership that will govern as our founding fathers intended.
  • no dogging. Just asking questions. 3rd party = Democrats win. The key here is to drag the Republican party to the right. And if that involves beating DeWine then so be it.
  • Luke P. Patrino
    Wish I had all the money I donated to lying politicians back along with the time I spent helping them get elected. The point is to defeat Rino Mike in the primary and send a message to the Ohio Republican Party that business as usual will no longer be a viable platform. Yost did us a favor by selling out before we got him elected. Now we have to defeat him in his bid for Auditor and send Seth Morgan into the Nov. election as the Tea Party backed candidate. RINO'S need not apply, there is no room for any of you.
  • Advocates4Liberty
    Good information, and it would be good to question the candidate on these donations.

    However, if one is betting on the lesser of two evils (isn't that how we got into this mess), one might put money toward a less than desirable candidate.

    Regarding contributions to an anti-tort reform PAC, this is a typical crony capitalist move. If you can influence government in your favor, many will throw their principles out the door.

    Many "conservatives" are more than happy to take their child tax credits, child-care deductions, mortgage interest deductions, etc. Welfare is welfare. Wealth redistribution is a tactic used by the two major parties.

    If this candidate has had a change of heart and is willing to have his actions match his rhetoric, this should be an interesting race.
  • I agree on every point except tax credits. They aren't ideal and distort markets, but they only involve people keeping more of their money.
  • Advocates4Liberty
    I think we would agree that we all should pay less in taxes (well, those who actually pay taxes).

    For me, tax credits are a way for government to micromanage the economy, manipulate, engage in social engineering, and buy votes by dividing and conquering the electorate.

    For instance, during Obama's State of the Union address, he promised one tax credit after another. Why not just have an across-the-board cut for all taxpayers? Why reward or punish via the tax code? Heck! Why not cut all spending across-the-board...ok, I'm getting delusional now!

    Personally, I like the FairTax.
  • I agree. They do micromanage. Strickland proposed dozens of similar tax breaks in his State of the State.

    FairTax is a huge can of worms, with fuzzy math and assumptions.
  • Advocates4Liberty
    One more thing...the use of the word "conservative" can be misleading. More accurate descriptions would be more useful: fiscal conservative, social conservative, etc.

    Most "tea party" folks agree on fiscal issues and could gather under the "fiscal conservative" umbrella. However, there are many of us who do not look to the government to legislate a particular flavor of morality, looking to the church and family instead. "Social conservatism" goes against their principles of limited government and personal responsibility; "social libertarian" is a better label for them.

    The point of it all? Be specific.
  • Agreed. Even the specificity of conservatism is not specific, as it is a negation of ideology. I am conservative, but it is hard to define what that means.
  • plumbpiper
    I have know Steve Christopher from our youths together, and can verify his conservative values. Less government, more individual freedoms. All of us (voting citizens) have been duped by politicians in the past, and the facts about his contributions to the DeWine camp are simple to see. If you take note of the dollar figures you can see how the support waned. I think the small dollar amounts were like leaving a penny on the table, yea you got a tip, but an insulting one. Hard to throw stones at a person that supports his party label, even though the support was small in the end (for DeWine). Any questions about his integrity, I can personally assure you, are not founded in facts. I have never before publicly backed ANY candidate, as I mistrust politicians, but I will support this man publicly.

    Tom Dilts
  • DJ
    Big deal. A lot of us supported DeWine for a long time, only to be disappointed late in his career as a Senator. I don't remember the timelime, but the compromise on Supreme Court nominees was the deal-breaker for a lot of people, and I think that was probably long after Christopher's last significant donation. I don't see this as an issue at all.
  • doubleguns
    Looks like he gave up on DeWine in 6/26/2002 and 6/29/2004 just sending him a small slap in the face. Maybe like most of us Mikes true colors finally came out and we voted him out. $5 for a campaign contribution?!!! That should have been a message for Mike who I am sure was expecting a lot more!!! Here's 5 bucks, can you take a hint. Smack, smack, smack. I like it.
  • Greg
    Actually, what I would do is this. Upon receiving a solicitation, I would send it back to his office, with my comments/disagreements next to his propaganda, and of course wouldn't send him any money. Surprisingly, was never removed from their mailings as sure enough I would get another one a couple of weeks later, and the process would repeat itself.
  • doubleguns
    When they refuse to take me off a list I just send them some of my junk mail in their prepaid envelopes. That usually works.
  • Greg
    I like that idea a lot.
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